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확률 구조 해석을 사용한 불확정 구조계의 이단계 최적설계


한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1429-1434

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‘In structural system, a certain amount of uncertainties always persists in material properties, geometric parameters and applied loads. In this study, the structure is designed to withstand theuncertainties which are caused by either measurement inaccuracy or system complexity. Randomstructures are modelled by using ANSYS probabilistic design module. It can be applied easily to anystructural system with random parameters. The aim of this paper is to make optimal design for the beamwith random input variables due to width and height and response parameters due to displacements andstresses. The probabilistic design is also carried out with ANSYS APDL and then the optimal design issequentially solved. As the total volume of beam, stresses and displacements at the beam are treated asrandom parameters, the numerical results are obtained.'



인입 조건에 따른 붐 및 아웃트리거 파괴반발력 구조 안전성 연구

김가을, 장병춘, 김영군, 노윤식, 소수현

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1435-1439

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Recently, there are a lot of fires breaking out at special structures. To suppress this fire breakdown at early stage is very important because it leads to bigger damage in case of special structures. For early suppression, outer wall of building has to be destroyed and need waterproofing for Ignitiontemperature. So far there is no equipment developed local and all of them are imported from a broad. In this study, In this study, The CAE analysis was the Leading-in of the boom conditions for thedevelopment of demolition fire according to the environment of Korea. As a result of this, could beconfirmed that decreases stress reduction. maximum 51% to 12% depending on the part. It was possiblestructural integrity and design. about Telescopic Boom and Outrigger on the basis of this result.



원추형 무단변속장치의 응용

오선, 권영웅

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1441-1446

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The proposed cone type CVT(Continuously variable transmission) is consisted of drive pulley, belt,belt move equipment, tensioner, belt guide and driven pulley. In this study, the function and therelationship of all parts in the cone type CVT were investigated. The speed ratio of cone type CVT atcase in parallel and incline movement of belt was analyzed. Proposed cone type CVT can apply toelectrical vehicle, scooter and golf cart etc..



가변속 제어모멘트자이로 테스트 플랫폼 개발


한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1447-1453

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The author introduces a test platform system that has been developed for variable-speed controlmoment gyroscopes(VCMGs). VCMGs are important actuators for spacecraft attitude control. The testplatform consists of two VCMGs driven by servo motors and sensor modules. The control program hasbeen coded by the NI LabVIEW. Accelerometers and gyros have been used to measure the attitude angleand angular speed of the platform. The 2nd order low pass filters have effectively filtered out noisesfrom measurements. Wheel speeds and gimbal angles have been controlled satisfactory by PI control. Through some tests, moment generation has been verified. The moment has been generated ascommanded. However, friction effect by a ball bearing, that supports the platform’s rotation, has beennot negligible. As further studies, friction reduction will be studied. In conclusion, this test platform willbe used for engineering education and research.



유한요소법을 이용한 파괴방수노즐에 대한 연구

장병춘, 김영군, 노윤식, 소수현

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1455-1461

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In recent years, there was many conflagration about special structure such as wooden culturalassets, warehouses and factories. The common causes of increase in the fire damage were difficulty ofthe initial suppression and absence of equipment for appropriate disaster prevention. In this study, thedestruction-spray nozzles, a core technology of destruction-spray fire vehicle which is possible for firesuppression of special structure was studied using the finite element method. As a result, the maximumdeviation of the part nozzle was 18.1% compared with the reference value. Second, the maximumdeviation of the nozzle module was 13.5% compared with the part nozzle. Third, the safety factor aboutinternal pressure of the nozzle module was suitable as 13.6. Finally, the performance of the designeddestruction-spray nozzle was satisfied with 4,652.1L/min in excess of the target performance.



알루미늄 다이캐스팅 합금의 마찰교반접합특성

김영곤, 김인주

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1463-1467

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In this study, the weldability of ADC12 FSW joints obtained by the load control type of the FSW machine is examined. The higher the tool plunge downforce the wider the range of the optimum FSW conditions is obtained. However, there is a limit of optimum range with increasing the tool plunge downforces. The three different types of defects are formed in ADC12 FSW joints, depending on the welding conditions. One is a large mass of flash due to the excess heat input, another is a cavity or groove-like defects caused by insufficient heat input and the other is a cavity caused by the abnormal stirring. As for the abnormal stirring, it is very clearly seen that the shape of the top part on the advancing side in the stir zone is completely different. For this type of defect, the effect of the tool plunge downforce is not significant, though the size of the defect due to insufficient heat input significantly is decreased with the increasing downforce.



GMAW 원격 제어 토치 성능에 따른 용접 부의 실험적 연구

김정혁, 오석형, 양현수

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1469-1476

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In GMAW welding used mostly at the scene of a welding industry, welders can not see control panels in internal welds of vehicles and tanks, and can not adjust the current and voltage properly during the welding, which is caused by distance from the working area. Therefore, welders have to move to control the current and voltage by stopping welding. This, however, can result in the welding defects by momentary cooling. In this research related to the existing GMAW welding methods and the manners with the remote control torch their performances were evaluated by comparing and analyzing the welds of V-type butt using SM50A 6 mm and welding structural rolled steels. As the result of conducting the visual inspection and bending test one by one against the V-type butt welds, the amount of spatter by the remote control torch method showed reducing effects about five times lower and it had a performance that did not affect the weld defects by displaying suitable effects on the bending test of welds. Consequently, the experimental study on the possibility of replacement and compatibility with the existing commercial welder for the remote control torch was performed.



충격을 받는 모놀리식 유리의 유한 요소 시뮬레이션

김봉환, 안국찬, 이치우

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1477-1482

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The monolithic glass, without damage, subjected to ballistic impact, is studied by the use of thecoded finite element program. To analyze the impact response of monolithic glass like ordinary annealedglass and tempered glass, a finite element approach based on the Hertzian contact law and Sun'shigher-order beam finite element is proposed. For verifying effectiveness of this finite element program,the contact force history is analyzed in conjunction with the loading and unloading processes. And, also,the time history of the impact responses such as the strain and stress according to the thickness changesdue to transverse impact at the center are calculated.



IDI 디젤기관에서 배기배출물에 미치는 바이오디젤유의 영향

권관구, 최승훈

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1483-1488

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Biodiesel fuel as an alternative fuel for diesel engine has a great possibility to solve the problem such as air pollution caused by exhaust gas emission of the automobile. In this study, the usability of non-esterfied biodiesel fuel as alternative fuel is investigated in an indirect injection diesel engine. New concept biodiesel fuel has no glycerin generated by esterfication process and reduces the 20% of cost because of no use of methanol in the production process. Experiments were conducted by using the four blends with different volumetric percentage of biodiesel (0, 20, 50 and 100) in baseline diesel fuel. The smoke emission of biodiesel fuel was reduced in comparison with diesel fuel, but power and brake specific energy consumption was similar to diesel fuel.



Pc포트 크기에 따른 ECV의 내부 유동해석결과 비교

김한국, 조행묵

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1489-1495

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This study is done as a comparison analysis on existing studies on analysis and interpretations of solenoids. When there is no power in a solenoid valve, a flow passage is formed from a pressurized ports, Pc, to Ps, which are connected to a crankcase of a pressurizer. An inlet to Pc port is varied in three different sizes: 3.8 ㎜(Type-1), 4.0 ㎜(Type-2) and 4.2 ㎜(Type-3). It is determined that there will be changes in coolant flow into the solenoid valve and the flow properties from Pc port to Ps port are compared and analyzed. As the results, the flow demonstrates the maximum speed of 500 ㎧, 46 ㎧ and 433 ㎧ with 0.2 ㎫ for the inflow pressure and the maximum speed of 1400 ㎧, 129 ㎧ and 1200 ㎧ with 1.5 ㎫ for the inflow pressure.



나노복합체 마모해석을 통한 나노입자 노출량 예측용 전/후처리 기술 개발

조용상, 이세환, 김재현, 조영삼

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1497-1502

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In this article, to predict the wear amount of nano particles in a worn nano composite, computational analysis pre/post-processor were developed using ABAQUS and visual basic programs. The abrasion, which is one of nano particles release scenarios, was applied in the computational analysis. Moreover, reciprocation, which is the abrasion type, was selected and incarnated in abrasion computational analysis. Also, to predict wear amount of nano composite in computational analysis, archard equation was applied and the predicted wear amount was evaluated compare with experimental value. The predicted wear amount of nano composite was increased in accordance with increasing force and was similar to result of experimental value.



충격 하중을 받는 모놀리식 유리의 충격 에너지 예측에 관한 연구

김봉환, 안국찬, 이치우

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1503-1508

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The monolithic glass, without damage, under impact loading, is studied by the use of the coded finite element program. To predict the impact energy of monolithic glass like annealed glass and tempered glass, a finite element approach based on Sun's higher-order beam finite element and impact energy equation is proposed. For this purpose, the contact force-displacements, energy-displacement histories and velocity-acceleration histories etc. are calculated during all impact processes. And, also, by the calculations of the coded FEM program, the geometric parameter like thickness is investigated to determine their impact energy prediction of monolithic glass



Cathode 입구 상대습도에 따른 고분자 전해질 연료전지 성능분석

조재혁, 김우태

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1509-1514

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A three dimensional numerical analysis was performed to study the effect of cathode inlet relative humidity on PEMFC performance characteristics. As cathode inlet relative humidity increases from 0 percent to 60 percent, the current density increases. Then, as cathode inlet relative humidity increases from 60 percent to 100 percent, the current density decreases. The two dimensional contour map analysis shows that the flooding phenomenon in cathode gas channel, gas diffusion layer, and catalyst layer leads to the decrease of current density.



비접촉법을 이용한 온도영향에 의한 용접부의 변형률 측정

성백섭, 유관종

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1515-1521

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The dissertation is on the measurement of the strain caused by the characteristics and the temperature changes of the TIG welded zone which is used with 3D ESPI system that is functionally modified through the laser ESPI system. Experimental results have derived from the fact that the welded zone has micro crack during the various phased of the process such as rolling, alkali cleaning, air cooling and heat processing due to the repetitious up-and-down of the temperature. Especially, both 60℃ and 90℃ are selected to measure the strain on the welded zone which can be effected by these two temperatures in the manufacturing process. The flat plate differences between ESPI and the strain gage are within 2 %, and they are the exactly same with the results from the temperature changes of 60 ℃ and 90 ℃, and also within 3 % and 4 %. As the tensile load increase, the strain of aluminum material increases linearly. Also the same effect are observed as the temperature goes up with irregular-line type. The comparison of the strain by ESPI and the strain gage in the welded specimen is within the 2.6% when it is under the room temperature and low-load conditions, while it is measured within 3 % under the high load condition.



연삭가공 분진입자의 공기 중 거동 특성 분석

임성진, 이상호

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1523-1528

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Numerical analysis has been carried out to investigate particles behavior characteristics during the grinding process in the air. Grinding particles behavior is largely affected by many parameters such as operating conditions and process room geometry. Transient particle motion in the air is predicted, and the effects of particle diameter and device rotational speed on the behavior characteristics were compared. When particle size is not large enough, they shortly moves in a tangential direction of the device rotation, and then are mostly influenced by the air flow in the room. These results could be applicable to the optimal design of the grinding process room.



상용차용 복합소재 서브프레임에 대한 구조시험 및 유한요소해석 평가


한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1529-1534

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The latest weight reduction research of automotive industry and technology was improved. In this paper, we aim to evaluate the composite frame to manufacture the floor assembly of commercial vehicle. The design of subframe incorporated into the floor module was determined by FEM(Finite Element Method) simulation. The mechanical properties used for the simulations were obtained from the tests for samples of glass fiber/epoxy composites. We made two kinds of pultrusion products, one was aluminum profile, the other was unidirectional composites with aluminum profile. Based on the results from the simulation and bending test, the design of the subframe was finally determined prior to adoption of the commercial vehicle floor.



유로의 채널 형태에 따른 연료 전지 성능에 관한 연구


한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1535-1541

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This research is to investigate the performance analysis of fuel cell for flow channel with four different types of the channel (Serpentine I, II, Inter-digitated, Parallel) in the fuel cell stack. Velocity, pressure. and temperature distributions of fluid over the flow domain of the flow channel are numerically calculated for the optimum design of flow channel with unifrom inlet velocity. According to the calculations of low pressure drop between inlet and outlet in the flow channel, Serpentine I type is of highest performance of the flow channel shapes in the present fuel cell model.



타이어 트레드 강성에 따른 충격 하쉬니스에 관한 연구

김병삼, 이태근

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1543-1549

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The improvement of car driving comfort is requested according to development of automobile manufacturing technology. Therefore, many experts have been studying automotive vibration of normally driving cars to improve automotive driving comfort. Vibration characteristics of a tire play an important role to judge a ride comfort ability and sound quality for a vehicle. A lots of study on the ride and the noise to reduce the vibration in the 20∼100Hz frequency range was being carried out for years. The tire impact due to the bump is the main factor of the vibration in the 20∼100Hz. This vibration is related to the harshness which perceive the displeasure or noise. In this study, we investigated the characteristics of the impact harshness due to the stiffness of the tire tread part according to change the tread compound.



다공성 표면복사버너에서 열특성 연구

심근선, 이기만

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1551-1557

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This article describes an investigation of basic combustion characteristics of radiant burner with various firing rate and equivalence ratios in porous metal. The objective of this study is to investigate the radiation efficiency, exhaust emission and preheating effect of unburned mixture in porous surface burner. As a main experimental condition, firing rates and equivalence ratios each were adjusted from 204 to 408 W/m2 and 0.4 to 1.3. Experiment results show that the flame of Porous surface burner could be divided into three modes depending on the different flame shapes. First, it was appeared low NOx and CO emission as well as low surface temperature in blue flame mode. Second, in radiation mode, surface temperature and radiation efficiency were measured highly. Finally in pool flame mode, burner surface temperature and the preheating effect of unburned mixture were decreased again.




X-ray Scanning System 개발에 있어서 Line Detector 원리의 적용


한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1559-1563

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This development is for non-destructive machine using X-Ray source about detecting outline faults of below middle size products. The market share of previous non-destructive machine has three major companies, such as GE, Siemens and Philips. In fact, Korea has a import of this product over 90 percentage. Fortunately, The major companies have not various kinds below middle size non-destructive machine. This machine has superior performance than previous X-Ray equipment in below middle size non-destructive machine. This machine is satisfactory needs for customers looking for X-Ray machine of a line detector. This research is for design and manufacturing of non-destructive X-Ray machine. This research will give rise to major effects for other various non-destructive market industries except car-industry. The most important fact is that this developed non-destructive machine is controlled below 0.2 micro-μSv.



승용차 시트용 하이트 모터의 기어 너트 지지 구조에서의 진동에 의한 강도 해석

김기선, 조재웅

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1565-1570

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In this study, the models before and after improving the support structure of seat motor gear nut are investigated by comparing with vibration analysis. The maximum deformation model 1 becomes higher than model 2. The natural frequency of model 2 becomes higher model 1. The design model to be applied into the safe driving is useful effectively by using the analysis result of the height driving module for automotive power seat.



석재 표면가공을 위한 자동 고속버너 가공기 개발

김영진, 김범곤, 원대희

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1571-1575

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This technology is based on the processing skills by the automatic high speed burner processors to improve the overall productivity and customer satisfactions. The following conclusions could be gained from this research. A burner for processing stone plate was measured to obtain the average 23.8 m/s. Non-slip friction coefficient of the burner after processing was measured to obtain a mean value of 53.2 BPN. Production rate for stone items was measured by the time of the burner and the result passed through the brush was 26.94 m/s on average.



고성능 합지장치 개발

이원섭, 남궁선

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1577-1581

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The developed machine is apparatus for laminating papers of high performance. The machine was developed easily to feed paper using servomotor in feeding parts. The existing machine can not shift using mechanical gear ratio in chain driven upper feeder. The advantage of machine can slow down and up the speed of machine and can feed in any position without waiting. Thus, production rate and volume were enhanced. greatly.



파워시트용 모터들의 진동 해석에 의한 강도 내구성 연구

김기선, 조재웅

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제16권 제3호 2014.06 pp.1583-1588

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study is investigated by the analyses of modal and harmonic response on BH motor, VI motor and DH motor. The natural frequency of DH motor becomes lower than that of VI motor. As the maximum amplitude of displacement is shown to be 2.06×10-2mm at 1300 Hz in case of BH motor, BH motor can be thought to be the best structure in comparison with VI motor and DH motor. The deformation of 0.34806 mm happens at the critical frequency in case of BH motor. And the maximum deformation happens at the joint connected between screw axis and seat in cases of three kinds of motors. By applying the result of this study to the designs of these kinds of motors, it is thought that the damage of linked parts is prevented. As the durability can be examined and anticipated, this result can be utilized really.


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