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제17권 제3호 (28건)



승용차용 슬라이딩 도어 메커니즘 설계 및 해석

최준길, 전의식, 박대호

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.469-475

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Due to the increase of income, people has a car more than one per household. So parking space was made to minimum size for making many parking spaces. But narrow parking space causes that interference with another car is occurred when car's door is opening or closing. So sliding door is best way for solving the problem. But method of the sliding door is difficult to apply to all vehicle because existing method is limited. for this reason, new method of the sliding door is needed. In this study, suggest new sliding mechanism of front door for vehicle and confirm the sliding mechanism using simulation.



상용차용 샌드위치 복합소재 패널의 구조시험 및 유한요소해석 평가

이학성, 원종운, 허몽영, 윤재영, 이주영, 강신재

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.477-483

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Recently, the need of weight reduction has been required in automobile industry. In this paper, we aim to evaluate the composite sandwich panel to substitute original steel structure of commercial vehicle. The compressive and drum-peel tests were conducted to consider core materials and resin system of the sandwich panel. Based on the test, we decided the core reinforcement and matrix materials of the panel. As a result, the composite panel were composed of aluminum profile, glass fiber prepreg and aluminum honeycomb. We also confirmed the weight reduction ratio and structural safety compared to prior steel structure components by bending test and FEM simulation.



태양열 온풍기내부의 집열면 조건이 덕트 출구 공기의 온도에 미치는 영향


한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.485-490

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This paper analyzed air temperatures at outlet according to condition of absorber plate of the solar air heater. Effects on air temperature at outlet of duct according to absorber plate temperature were analyzed by using numerical analysis technique. And also the effects on air temperatures at outlet were analysed by the height and position of absorber plate. As the results, air temperatures at outlet of duct was small influenced in velocity 5 m/s of inlet according to absorber plate temperature. And the highest outlet average temperature distribution appeared at the height of 2 cm and the bottom absorber plate of duct at the inlet aspect ratio 2.



4절 링크를 이용한 테일게이트 데크의 리프트 메커니즘 설계

한병선, 전의식, 박대호, 신동석

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.491-496

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Pick-up truck has the advantage that can transport more baggage by the deck. However, it is inconvenient to put loads by a high ground clearance values. In this paper, we proposed a corresponding method to the high ground clearance using 4-bar linkage lift mechanism of tailgate. In addition, the validity of the lift mechanism through the prototype test is verified.



비인과적 비행 시뮬레이션 프로그램 개발과 개념설계에의 응용

진재현, 백승길

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.497-504

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Flight dynamic simulation programs are useful to estimate dynamic performances of an aircraft and to develop flight control laws. Usually, simulation programs were developed by the causal programming method which required a distinct relationship between inputs and outputs. Recently, a new approach, acausal programming, has been developed and applied in many fields to deal with the disadvantages of causal simulation programs. The authors have developed a flight dynamic simulation program by using Modelica which is an acausal programming language. The developed program has been tested by several simulations for attitude and velocity hold control. It has been shown that servo systems for control surfaces can be designed by this program. The level of detail of models can be easily increased by using the library of Modelica. The simulation program can be used to develop unmanned aerial vehicles and rotor crafts.



엔진 폭발하중을 고려한 커넥팅로드의 좌굴해석에 관한 연구


한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.505-510

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When an engine connecting rod is designed, it’s important to consider the buckling strength as well as deformation and durability of the rod. The buckling strength of a rod is mainly affected by the shape and area of shank cross-section and boundary conditions of its small and big ends. Buckling analysis by finite element method was carried out to evaluate the elastic buckling strength of a connecting rod that has non-uniform cross section areas. And the Merchant-Rankine formula was applied to predict the inelastic critical buckling load by considering the plastic buckling strength. Finally, the maximum allowable compressive load, which has 56.57kN, was predicted by considering the 1.7 buckling safety factor. It represents an approximately 40% greater than the maximum firing pressure.



테이퍼진 판을 이용한 광탄성 재료 응력프린지 상수 측정


한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.511-518

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In a photoelastic experiment, it is necessary to know the material stress fringe constant of the photoelastic specimen to determine the stresses from the measured isochromatic fringe orders. This type of compensator was proposed by the previous researchers. The recent image processing development of the stress pattern provide a means for making convenient compensator. The material stress fringe constant is determined using the distributions of isochromatic fringes in the wedge shaped plate under tensile load. The stress fringe constant measured with this method is applied to obtain the stress distribution along the central line on the tapered shank of the wedge-shaped plate. Photoelastic results using the measured material fringe constant are compared with FEM analysis. Two results are comparable, so it can be seen for the measured material fringe constant to be valid.



친환경 연료처리제를 이용한 디젤 차량의 배기가스와 연료소비량 저감에 관한 실험적 연구

유종식, 김민섭, 김철수

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.519-524

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The several experiments of Diesel vehicles using EFT were completed. The experiments were performed on chassis dynamometer and road driving test using test mode such as FTP-75 and LA-4. The experiments were employed to measure the effect eco-friendly EFT additives on exhaust emissions and fuel consumption efficiency. In this experiment, the following results are obtained by analyzing the data relativity between exhaust emissions and EFT additives. The value of exhaust emissions such as NOX, SOX, CO2 and PM were improved as Diesel mixed EFT additives at th ratio of 200:1. The improvement of resulting data value was best PM, NOX, SOX, CO₂and fuel consumption rate in the order named.



수동식 원터치 싱킹시트용 리클라이너 연동 모듈의 슬롯 형상 설계

신동석, 전의식

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.525-530

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The sinking seat is the mounted seat in rear columns of recreational vehicle. The convenience of sinking seat is lower than folding seat because the paths of the containment and withdrawal are different each other. In this paper, the cam shape design model which is related recliner apparatus was introduced of the folding path of the existing manual system sinking seat. And the validity of the design variable was verified through the dynamic mechanics simulation using RecurDyn. but, the transformation-time graph of cam link joint position in RecurDyn is unstable because it is not consideration of friction.



에너지사용계획 협의를 위한 기준범위 재설정 연구


한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.531-538

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This study reset the Reference Extent for Consultation about Energy Use Plan by the project so that the Consultation about Energy Use Plan would display realistic effectiveness. To achieve this aim, consultation case analysis was carried out from 2006 to 2014 and the Environmental Impact Assessment system was reviewed. The results show that Reference Energy Equivalent Extent could be basis for resetting the Reference Extent by the project. Also suggest that the Reference Energy Equivalent Extent calculated by Electricity Intensity could be applied to the Reference Extent of Urban, Tourism and Industrial complex development project in order to reflect change of industrial technology & Energy demand.



마이크로 가스터빈 내의 열유동해석


한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.539-544

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This research is to investigate the performance analysis of micro gas turbine for power generation with three different numbers of the nozzle vane in the micro gas turbine. Velocity, pressure. and temperature distributions of fluid over the flow domain of the turbine and turbulent kinetic energy of three different turbine blades are numerically calculated for the optimum design of turbine blade with two different rotational speeds of the turbine blade (10000 and 20000 RPM). Ultimately, the energy-efficient and maximum power-generated shape of the nozzle vane are determined through two different rotational speeds of the turbine with three shapes of the nozzle vane (6, 8, and 12 EA).



두께에 따른 알루미늄 폼으로 된 Mode Ⅲ 형 DCB 시험편에 대한 전단 피로 해석 및 검증

고등, 조재웅

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.545-550

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As aluminum foam has the most superior absorption of impact energy, this material has been used at automobile and airplane. If aluminum foam is used by jointing bolt and nut, it can be broken. Therefore, it is more effective to bond aluminum foam and other materials by adhesive. In this study, the fatigue fracture simulation through ANSYS program is carried out on the aluminum foam specimen bonded with adhesive as the type of DCB Mode Ⅲ. There are four kinds of specimens with the types of DCB Mode Ⅲ in this study. The thicknesses of four specimens are 35mm, 45mm, 55mm and 65mm. In cases of specimen thicknesses of 35mm, 45mm, 55mm and 65mm, the maximum loads are shown as ±0.2kN, ±0.55kN, ±1kN and ±1.2kN respectively. As the specimen thickness increases, the maximum loads increase. The results of fatigue experiment as specimen thickness of 55mm can be shown to approach the simulation results by confirming the simulation results of this study. So, The simulation data can be applied in order to investigate the mechanical property at DCB specimen with the type of Mode Ⅲ.



철도 차량의 블록 브레이크 거동과 제동 스퀼 소음과의 연관성에 대한 실험적 연구


한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.551-557

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This Paper deals with the measurement and analysis of the brake squeal noise, the wheel’s and block brake’s vibration. The squeal noise, a kind of self-excited vibration, is generated by the friction between the rim of the revolving wheel and the block brake. Block brake cause friction noise and excessive braking noise makes passengers and operators uncomfortable. The goal of this paper is to investigate experimental the relation between brake squeal noise and behavior of block brake with railway wheel. Experimental results with MA and RMA show that behavior of railway vehicle block brakes is related with brake squeal noise.



고압 세척기의 분사 노즐에 관한 연구

이상열, 조대환

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.559-564

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This study involved the shape of water jet nozzle to promote blasting ability and an increase of projection distance when cleaning VLBC cargo hold. Furthermore, I researched the effect of pressure, length of reducer, nozzle caliber size and nozzle shape on the nozzle through CFD simulation. Simulation of water jet projection process inside VLBC cargo hold was done in both 2D and 3D environment. Simulation results show installing suitable nozzle can increase the cleaning effect of cargo hold.



방공호용 방폭 밸브의 구조해석 및 성능에 관한 연구

이정빈, 양동학, 김성육, 김기선, 이정국

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.565-571

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A Blast valve is the device that is used in the air intake and the exhaust vent of CBRN(Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear warfare) protection facility. The valve is automatically closed when explosion pressure is applied from the outside of equipment. This study is investigated on the structural design and the performance of blast valve. After modeling the entire of blast valve and spring assembly, the data for the spring parameter is obtained through the finite element method and the operating limits of the valve are derived. Also, a prototype is made to determine the relationship between the load and the opening closing amount of valve through the load cell test. The performance of prototype at analysis as blast valve is agreed well with that at experiment. It is verified that the blast valve proposed in this paper is designed with the structure to endure the explosion pressure.



파괴방수노즐에 대한 공기주입구의 직경 예측 연구

장병춘, 김영군, 양동욱

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.573-578

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In recent years, there was many conflagration about special structure such as wooden cultural assets, warehouses and factories. The common causes of increase in the fire damage were difficulty of the initial suppression and absence of equipment for appropriate disaster prevention. A prediction of the air injection diameter of the destruction-spray nozzle, a core technology of destruction-spray fire vehicle which is possible for fire suppression of special structure were studied. As a result, changes in water flow according to the air injection diameter is not large, but air flow rate showed a difference more than up to four times. And then, through the result data of the flow analysis, the air injection diameter was obtained in the target mix ratio of the air according to the water injection pressure. Finally, by the formula derivation for the air injection diameter of target mix ratio of the air, the air injection diameter according to the water injection pressure change could be predicted within an error of 10%.



DC 아크방전법으로 제작한 Al-Si/C 나노복합재료를 이용한 리튬이온전지의 전기화학적 성능

Kelimu Tulugan, 윤한기, 박원조

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.579-584

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The microstructures and cyclic voltammograms of Al-Si/C nano-composites were investigated as the anode of lithium ion batteries. Al-Si nanoparticles were prepared by the arc-discharge method. Al-Si/C nanoparticles were obtained by coated Al-Si nanoparticles with the precursor of glucose (C6H12O6) as carbon source. It was indicated that the post carbon coating treatment can reduce Al2O3 film on Al-Si particles, and new phase Al4C3 formed in the process can activate the inactivated materials of electrode in a certain extent.



Mode Ⅲ 형 DCB 알루미늄 폼에 대한 정적 파괴 및 검증

이정호, 조재웅

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.585-590

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As a part of light weight, the adhesive has been applied to joint the mechanical structure. The porous material is used with aluminum foam in case of the structure bonded with only adhesive. In order to confirm the durability, it is necessary to investigate the fracture toughness at the bonded joint. So, the fracture property at joint interface of aluminum foam different from the non-porous material becomes especially important. In this study, the static facture analysis was carried out with DCB specimen bonded with adhesive as the loading type of mode Ⅲ. The thicknesses of specimens are 35, 45 and 55 mm. When the forced displacements 5 mm applied on the specimen proceed at specimen thicknesses of 35, 45 and 55 mm, the maximum stresses is shown to be happened at the range from 3.3 MPa to 3.6 MPa. The maximum equivalent stress happened at the specimen thickness of 35mm becomes highest among four kinds of specimens. The static experiment is carried on in order to verify these analyses representatively. As the experimental data become similar with the simulation data, it is thought that these analysis data can be applied at analyzing them into the adhesive joint of real porous material.



전산해석을 이용한 레이저다이오드 용접과정에서의 온도변화 분석

임성진, 허진석, 채용배, 이상호

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.591-597

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The characteristics of temperature variation for laser diode welding system have been analyzed with numerical investigation. The laser diode is assembled with a cap and stem by projection welding. Resistance heat, in this process, is generated by electric current at the contact surface between cap and stem within a very short time. Temperature variation of laser diode is largely affected by the welding time and the heat generated from the surface. Maximum temperature of each component in the laser diode should be lower than the melting point except for cap and stem in order to prevent welding defect. Temperature distribution of each component in the laser diode is also affected by thermal conduction mechanism. Welding defect near the insulator occurs when the resistance heat is high. Appropriate resistance heat supply to the laser diode was about 400W. The results from this study could be applicable for optimal design of laser diode welding system.



손실을 고려한 선박용 이덕터의 성능분석에 관한 연구

김동찬, 조대환

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.599-604

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An ejector is an fluid transportation simplified device that generate relatively low pressure utilizing the kinetic energy of pressured fluid to provoke suction of another fluid, mix the two and discharge the mixture against a counter pressure. In this study, a parameter analysis was conducted to predict the ejector performance against various operating conditions. It was revealed that the loss coefficient of the nozzle, pressure ratio, flow rate and size of suction area has the greatest effect on the efficiency of the eductor and showed efficiency of eductor is proportion to increase of flow rate.



타이어 트레드 강성에 기인한 타행소음에 관한 연구

김병삼, 이태근

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.605-609

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A deformation of tire structure cause characteristic change of tire as stiffness, ground surface shape, vibration and noise. As a result it will affect "riding quality" factors such as noise and vibration. In this study, figured it out the difference of tire pass by-noise according to ground pressure and stiffness change, to investigate the influence of tire characteristic for tire pass-by-noise. Therefore, The tire ground stiffness and tire pass-by-noise was measured according to pass-by-noise test method(ECE R117). Conclusively, “The tire pass by noise” was confirmed that between vibration and tread shoulder are a close relationship. As the tire shoulder vibration is low, “The acceleration pass-by-noise” can be seen that displayed lower value. In order to distribute contact pressure low for reduce the acceleration pass-by-noise, it could be confirmed that the shoulder stiffness should be greater.



이온화된 흡입공기가 커먼레일 디젤기관의 연소성능 및 배기특성에 미치는 영향

갈준총, 윤삼기, 김민수, 최낙정

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.611-617

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This study was performed to investigate the effect of fuel combustion enhancing apparatus(FCEA) for ionization of intaking air into cylinder combustion chamber on the combustion performance and emissions characteristics in a 4-cylinder common-rail direct injection diesel engine. The experiments were applied to the engine at an engine speed of 1,500rpm under 20Nm, 40Nm, 60Nm and 80Nm conditions. The test results were compared to each other with or without the FCEA. In the case of the FCEA, the combustion pressure, peak combustion pressure and rate of heat release were increased slightly and the brake specific fuel consumption(BSFC) was decreased slightly when compared to that without the FCEA under all loads at an engine speed of 1,500rpm. However, in the case of the FCEA, the nitrogen oxide (NOX) were increased slightly, the carbon monoxide(CO) and particulate matter(PM) were decreased slightly when compared to that without the FCEA under all loads at an engine speed of 1,500rpm.



가속장치를 이용한 수직 축 풍력터빈 주위 공기 유동 수치해석

허진석, 임성진, 채용배, 이상호

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.619-625

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CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis was carried out to analysis the air flow characteristics of vertical axis wind turbine system with accelerating device. Geometric arc angle of the accelerating device affects the air flow characteristics in the turbine with the effect of Coanda generated from the curved surface. Air velocity distributions with the device angle variation are compared. Flow velocity increases with the device length, and the accelerating device plays a key role in decreasing the air velocity in the wake flow region. Maximum air velocity variation becomes reduced with the accelerating device, and it is largely affected by the arc angle. These results are expected to be utilized in various ways to determine the shape of accelerating device for wind power generation system.



태양전기 수확을 위한 효율적인 전압관리 시스템 설계

권승탁, 김형진, 이계철

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.627-630

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

In this paper we describe differential circuit of charge pump for voltage management systems, their evolution and improvement in design. The systems are powered by solar cells and generate different voltage levels which are suitable for systems on-chip integrated regulator applications. The voltage regulator outputs voltage from low power digital circuit, -2V for memory, and from 2V to 12V for input and output components. The circuits were simulated using LT SPICE software.



유체에 잠겨있는 구조물의 안전성평가 해석

이태근, 김병삼, 김태규, 민상기

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.631-636

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The many parts in the hydraulic equipments subject to load by hydraulic pressure. And some parts which are installed to the inside of the hydraulic equipments subject to load by the hydraulic pressure as well as the fluid speed. The inside of the valve generally generates the flow. Considering the valve expansion or the flow of the large valve, the flow is similar to the fluctuation flow in the opened flow system. In this study, the analysis of the flow including the fluctuation are performed and this results will apply to the optimal shape design of the flow path. The load acting on the structure was analysed according to the change in the shape and flow speed of the structure which install in fluid, and the safety evaluation wad investigated in consideration of the flow speed and the depth of fluid.




광탄성 플라스틱 PMMA와 PSM-1의 기계적 물성과 응력프린지 상수 측정 시험

백태현, 고승기

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.637-642

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In general, it is required mechanical properties and strength tests to use the material in engineering applications. The material fringe values of photoelastic materials vary with the supplier, the batch of resin, temperature and age, it is necessary to calibrate each of sheet of photoelastic material at the time of the test. In this paper, we perform tensile tests and calibrations tests for photoelastic stress fringe constant in order to obtain the mechanical properties of materials and photoelastic material fringe constants of PMMA and PSM-1. From this tests, the tensile strength of PMMA and PSM-1 were 100.5 MPa and 71.5 MPa, respectively. Also, the measured material stress fringe constants of PMMA and PSM-1 were 13.33 N/mm and 6.91 N/mm, respectively.



다층 EMI 차폐시트 및 자동화 장치 개발


한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.643-648

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Multi-layered metal sheet for electromagnetic interference(EMI) shielding purpose has been designed using metal sheet, PET & DST stacking and laminating technology. Also, an automatic manufacturing system is developed. This metal sheet with multi-layered structure is an effective shield against EMI that can not shield completely by single metal sheet. And the developed automatic manufacturing system can stack and lamination thin metal sheets without any wrinkles.



기능성 합성목재 자동 제조장치 개발 (철심이 있는 합성목재에 엠보싱과 물 빠짐 홀의 적용)

오익수, 김봉석

한국기계기술학회 한국기계기술학회지 제17권 제3호 2015.06 pp.649-655

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The functional wood plastic composite(WPC) is one of the noted materials for landscape architecture and residential construction. Iron band, embossing and drain holes are improve the strength and skid resistance of the WPC. In this study, we had developed an automatic manufacturing system for the functional WPC that has vertical pattern embossing and drain holes. The system is consist of an automatic vertical pattern embossing device, multi-spindle drilling M/C, sanding device, inspection equipment, and some facilities developed in the previous research. The performance tests on the several functional items of the system and manufactured WPC represented satisfactory values except the skid resistance and absorption thickness expansion rate.


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