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게임 GUI 디자인의 컨버전 및 적용에 관한 연구

김상태, 김창수, 김영상

한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제2권 제2호 2015.12 pp.1-15

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Games users can not only exchange information with the game system through the user environment that is provided by the game, but can also feel enjoyment and satisfaction from the game. A well-planned and well-designed interface for graphic users is needed to deliver game content effectively, so that users can be immersed in the game play. In order to run PC-based games in a smartphone environment, games need to go through the conversion process which requires a new development procedure. For example, smartphone applications have to go through a rigorous development procedure which takes both hardware and environmental characteristics into consideration. Such characteristics highly affect users' graphic interface, which is closely related to game play. Furthermore, due to the platform conversion, the procedures of GUI design application are required to carefully review the visual elements such as layouts, colors, typos, buttons, and icons in order to provide users with effective content usage. In addition, the GUI designs of the games which have been converted into smartphone applications need to be implemented in a logical and sophisticated style.



대형마트 서비스품질의 비교분석에 관한 연구 : 미스터리 쇼핑의 적용

손영채, 박종무

한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제2권 제2호 2015.12 pp.17-31

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The purpose of this study was to find the strengths and weaknesses of the hypermarket through comparative analysis on inside and outside rival hypermarkets by applying Mystery Shopping method, the purpose of which is to evaluate both its own company and a rival company by means of the same assessment scenario. In other words, in order to evaluate the hypermarket with the best service and customer satisfaction within the same business district, we conducted a comparative analysis between the hypermarkets that belonged to the same company and other hypermarkets that were affiliated with other firms. This study finally proposed strategies and implications for leading sustainable competitive advantages of the current hypermarket.



안전관리를 위한 RFID/USN의 활용에 관한 연구

설진현, 채종규

한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제2권 제2호 2015.12 pp.33-44

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The objective of this research is to find out how to apply RFID/USN technologies to safety management in order to prevent various negligence accidents that occur at industrial fields. RFID technologies use electromagnetic waves to recognize short distance information while USN is the communication network recognizing things and environment by attaching electronic taps on all necessary objects. This research examined how RFID/USN technologies are being applied in the safety management field and industries. The study also proposed the policy initiatives that can bring the extended application of these technologies on industrial safety management.



멀티채널 환경에서 소비자의 채널 이용 패턴에 관한 실태조사 연구

유효비, 권순동

한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제2권 제2호 2015.12 pp.45-51

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There have been a host of research on customers' online purchase behaviors. However, there have been few research in terms of channel selection and channel switching in the process of on-line or off-line purchasing. Therefore, this study has focused on channel selection and channel switching behavior by using smart phone, PC, and offline shop. PC searching and PC purchasing pattern is most high as 30%. The next high is Smart Phone searching and PC purchasing PC as 25%. Smart Phone searching and Smart Phone purchasing PC is 12%, PC searching Smart Phone searching and PC purchasing is 8%.



작업 증대를 위한 그리드 컴퓨팅 기반의 모니터링 시스템

정재훈, 김영곤

한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제2권 제2호 2015.12 pp.53-60

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Today's IT technology is widely utilized in various fields through continuous development, it is also constantly improving the performance of computing resources along with it. Recently it was important to quickly process a large amount of data due to the popularization of the Internet and the development of high-speed network, whereby the high performance computing resources are required. Client is a client which assigns the task to return the result of operation after performing the operation back to the central server uses the server technique. This technique can be any functioned because it is concentrated on a central server, due to the overload of the increasingly deepened a bottleneck and as a result of the central server to the central server, with the increasing number of clients cause problems in scalability of the entire system. Moreover, if a failure occurs on a central server, there is a drawback that can not maintain a longer functional in the entire system. In this paper, we verify the information resources for the increment in grid computing-based operations, and has resources similar to the information of the work problems by checking the similar work resources when allocating exclude task assignments, assign a task to other resources may be proposed a monitoring system to check the progress of the tasks through a real-time monitoring the operation of the system resources.



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한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제2권 제2호 2015.12 pp.61-65

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