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지문인식을 이용한 USB보안시스템 개발에 관한 연구

엄익식, 김창수, 조휘형

한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제2권 제1호 2015.06 pp.1-8

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The USB-based security system that has been developed through this research does not contain users' fingerprint information on the server or enter controller. However, it incorporates the USB that the users carry. Thus, when the system becomes lost, only the registered user will be able to open the files that have been saved in the USB, because the registered fingerprint information only matches that of the user. Therefore, it is a safe and hack-free system. The security level has been upgraded and the system can be used for various purposes, such as commute management and access control. Moreover, the Zigbee module and the Zigbee AP have been added so that an integrated security system can be developed to document security or a location-based security service in order to build a stronger security system.



스마트폰 게임의 GUI 디자인에 관한 연구

김상태, 김창수

한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제2권 제1호 2015.06 pp.9-20

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Game users should feel a sense of satisfaction and comfort when they exchange information through the system provided by the games that they play. These systems are called User Interfaces. When graphics are applied to a UI (User Interface) in order to make the system more convenient for users, it is called a Graphical User Interface (GUI). In order to effectively support game content for users, it is necessary to provide well-designed GUI. Users can become absorbed in playing games under such circumstances. Developers of smartphone applications in particular have to focus on a GUI design which considers both hardware features and the environment of the developing mobile system simultaneously.



조형지표를 포함한 위계 구성개념 모형의 실증 분석에 관한 연구


한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제2권 제1호 2015.06 pp.21-32

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Until now, the study on the hierarchical construct model has been focused on the model with reflective indicators. Thus, there is no empirical study on the hierarchical construct model with formative indicators. This study analyzed the hierarchical construct model consisting of formative indicators. The hypothesis of this research model is that the level of using communication media affects the learning outcomes. As a result of data analysis, the hypothesis was accepted, and the hierarchical construct model with formative indicators increased the explanatory power of the research model. In addition, this hierarchical construct model with formative indicators showed the benefits of parcimony, generalization, and accuracy in research model.



서비스경영에 있어 온라인 쇼핑몰의 소비자 가격 민감도가 플로우와 구매의도에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

임기흥, 권진희, 전지현

한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제2권 제1호 2015.06 pp.33-38

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Recently, due to increases of online shopping mall, many changes in the consumer's lifestyle were occurred, online shopping mall of the current department is sold abroad and even luxury cosmetics. Not yet only selling some products of all products in the online shopping, by consumers showing a tendency to buy a product brand , but the brand products of department store is growing tend to sell in online stores at more affordable prices. .And this study shows that the consumer price sensitivity of online shopping t effect on the flow and purchasing intention in the service managemen.



e-러닝 기반 평생교육원의 성공전략에 관한 연구

권석우, 안현숙

한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제2권 제1호 2015.06 pp.39-52

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Nowadays, people can listen to various courses anytime and anywhere thanks to advanced mobile technologies. The e-learning age has been diffusing quickly. Numerous companies, such as Megastudy Co. and YBM, are competing in the e-learning market, and the competition has been getting heavier and heavier due to the emergence of new businesses. This study conducted theoretical reviews on e-learning, case analyses, and investigation of success strategies in order to find out what e-learning businesses need to do to be successful. In particular, this study presents success strategies for lifelong education center on e-learning business in six aspects, namely content, community, collaboration, commerce, customizing, and communication.



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한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제2권 제1호 2015.06 pp.53-57

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