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한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제1권 제1호 2014.06 p.-1

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소셜 네트워크 서비스(SNS)를 활용한 효과적인 마케팅 방안에 관한 연구 - 취업교육회사를 중심으로 -

안교원, 박영봉, 김창수

한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제1권 제1호 2014.06 pp.1-10

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The diffusion of rapid convergence between industries vs. industries and technologies vs. technologies, as well as uncertain business environments and unemployment problems (in particular, unemployment of young people) have emerged as major social issues. Due to this situation, many companies that provide employment training and information have sprung up everywhere. In these new circumstances, not only do the job hunters who are seeking job opportunities need to prepare for high competition, but the companies that offer recruitment information and job training need to find away to grow as well. Currently, social network service (SNS) is being used as a means of communication and has been receiving a great deal of attention along with the spread of smartphones and micro-blogs. SNS, which has gone far beyond its basic purpose of advertising, is now an important way for people to interact with one another. In this study, we propose effective marketing plans which reflect the trend of SNS in order to apply them to the business of job training companies.



소셜커머스의 이용형태 및 만족도에 대한 실증 분석

권우석, 김창수, 김대수

한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제1권 제1호 2014.06 pp.11-22

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Social commerce has emerged as a useful method of the further generation of e-commerce to increase the application of social media. This study involved an empirical investigation on usage behavior and customer satisfaction associated with social commerce. The subjects of the study were asked to respond to a questionnaire after individually experiencing social commerce in terms of usage and level of satisfaction.



창조 경제ㆍ경영을 위한 공공 플렛폼 설계 방안


한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제1권 제1호 2014.06 pp.23-32

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The present government is pursuing a 3.0 as the national agenda, hoping to achieve a new, innovative, and creative economy by enhancing the opening and sharing of information related to public values, communication, and cooperation among public authorities, people, and corporations. There can be many difficulties when attempting to bring a new concept, such as a new creative economy, into the public platform without a precedent of successful reference throughout the world. Compared to the success of business platform such as Google, Facebook, or Naver, the success of public platform is still at its beginning stage. In order to achieve the national agenda 3.0, public values and creativity should be closely incorporated and installed in the e-system. The possibilities of success are expected to increase as more people participate in the platform and discover new values. Evaluating and reviewing the past, present, and future of five major public platforms is necessary and can be done based on the plan proposed by this article.



거주자의 조명용어의 이해 및 조명환경 인식에 관한 연구 - 재미한국인ㆍ미국인에 대한 비교 -

정영배, 김미옥

한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제1권 제1호 2014.06 pp.33-43

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There have been issues which are important in the dwelling life in terms of perception of lighting environments and also the understanding luminous words of resident. This study carried out a survey for dwelling life environments between Korean resident in USA and American in order to comparison between them about the effects of lighting in the house. The survey has several matters that is the effects for dwelling life environment perception by means of the lighting in the house. It has compared between them in order to analyze about perception of dwelling life environments by the lighting that they researched more variety dwelling preference more than specific tendency in some issues. Therefore, this study presents dwelling preference for lighting in the house in comparison with them. According to survey all of them, when the residents in this research people have a decision for their housing, they valued those attributes like lighting life environments relationship between lighting and life environments and housing structural plan. In order to comparing, the samples by means of the survey were carried out analysis of cross-tabulation and reviewed chi-square. Reviewing major samples through the variables, each group of samples were analyzed that there was considerable difference between dwelling life environment as well as luminous words each group of resident. It is desirable that make a reasonable lighting perception based on the results of this study reviewing tendency of a variety of dwelling life environments and comparison with them.



SCM 분야의 SNS 이용실태 및 활용방안에 관한 연구

사학진, 권순동

한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제1권 제1호 2014.06 pp.45-52

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Enterprises have been trying to apply Social Network Services to Supply Chain Management. They have expanded the SNS utilization from manufacturing industry to that of distribution and service. In this research, SNS utilization cases were examined in the field of SCM and the survey study was conducted in various enterprises. The results of the study show that most of the enterprises are “have introduced SNS and are currently using them” and “are planning to expand SNS utilization to other parts”. Since the introduction of SNS, enterprises of relatively large scale have experienced considerably shortened business process cycle time, and increase in sales volume, management efficiency of logistics or procurement, Production quality and customer relationships. In contrast, enterprises of relatively small scale have improved relationships with customers and shortened business process cycle times.



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한국디지털경영학회 디지털경영연구 제1권 제1호 2014.06 pp.53-57

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