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제7권 제1호 (13건)

학생야영수련활동 실태분석을 통한 효율적인 운영 개선 방안

이상진, 김옥환

한국스포츠학회 한국스포츠학회지 제7권 제1호 2009.06 pp.1-13

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The purpose of this study was to enhance an educational effect in the student camping training activity by suggesting an improvement plan for the more efficient operation through analyzing the actual condition for the student camping training activity targeting 341 middle-school students who experienced the camping training activity at Yangpyeong student camping ground under the jurisdiction of Gyeonggido Office of Education. It was composed of 3 items for the basic-survey sphere and 10 items for the actual-condition sphere for the student camping training activity. This researcher visited a camping ground, obtained agreement of participation, widely distributed questionnaire, made it responded with self-administration method, and then collected questionnaire. The data processing in questionnaire was calculated frequency and percentage(%) according to general characteristics in research subjects by using a program of SPSS 14.0 for Windows. In case of plural response, the multiple response analysis was carried out. Verification was made in the statistically significant level of p<.05. The following are the conclusions, which were gained through the above analysis on the actual condition. First, the systematically regular curricular activity is needed for the student camping training activity. Second, the student camping training activity requires the educational activity that is carried out safety education side by side, which is associated with a curricular subject. Third, the student camping training activity is recommended to use diverse training materials such as experience learning and exploratory activity. Fourth, there is necessity that the opening of the use schedule for the student camping ground leads to considering the convenience of using a place and the facilities. Fifth, the differentiated-characterized program by camping ground needs to be developed and utilized, and to be expanded users. Sixthly, there is necessity for allowing the planned physical activity to be performed by clearly stating on the education plan.



스포츠안전관계법의 실태 및 발전방안

김두현, 이병옥

한국스포츠학회 한국스포츠학회지 제7권 제1호 2009.06 pp.15-24

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This research analyzes the current situation that the public interest in leisure, sports, and health care increase, and the participation of the sports is also growing as the standard of living improves. The policies related to sports have focused on elite sports athletes. Now, the policies are changed to target for the public. These policies are required to reflect the new type of problems as well as the increasing demand of the sports. The regulations and systems of sports have to develop to meet the demand of the country which succeeded the Olympics and World Cup. The safety regulations and the preventative measures have to be established, considering the increasing demand of a wide range of sports. The main purpose of this research is to establish the relevant safety regulations, to secure the safety of sports participants, and to manage sports events successfully. The safety management regulations on the sports facilities, the construction of sports facilities in conformity with the safety regulations, and management or supervision of facilities should be thoroughly implemented. The legal rights of sports athletes have to be protected from the accident due to carelessness at the training or games. The safety measures to prevent accidents should be taken in advance through managing the safety of the audience. The safety is a top priority, especially at the international sports events at which VIPs attend. As in many cases, VIPs have become a prime target of terrorists. From the threat, safety measures must be taken thoroughly. The responsibilities of each relevant department have to be clear from the planning stage. The updating security system, the operation of the security briefing system, and the compensation for the accidents are essential for the protection of legal rights. The regulations for the accident prevention must be established. The hosts of sportsevents need to make use of the private security service to make sports events secure. The regulations reflecting the current situation have to be enacted and supplemented to realize ‘Sports Constitutionalism.’ Also, the further research of sports regulations is needed.








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