정보통신설비학회논문지 [Journal of the Institute of Information and Telecommunication Facility Engineering]

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    한국정보통신설비학회 [Korea Institute of Information & Telecommunication Facilities Engineering]
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제13권 제1호 (1건)

전력거래시장과 정책 관점에서의 가상발전소 기술 동향

남윤봉, 함경선, 김태형

한국정보통신설비학회 정보통신설비학회논문지 제13권 제1호 2014.03 pp.1-9

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In the past, the structure of electricity trading market converged on a few utilities, but the recent market has experienced many changes via two-way communication technology of smart grid. Not only do the range of electricity trading market and market participants have diversified, but also the proportion of distributed energy resources is increasing gradually. With the increase of distributed energy resources, in the electricity industry, the need for integrated management to improve the efficiency of distributed energy resource is growing, ultimately leading to strengthening the competitiveness of conventional generation resources. There is a VPP(Virtual Power Plant) , which is called an innovative solution, to meet the needs of the market and industries. In this paper, we look into the policies and electricity trading markets in the U.S. and EU which have different features, while examining the trend of technology associated with it. Also, this paper tries to come up with the direction of the R&D in VPP technology and the solution to the balance of power supply and demand suitable for Korean electricity trading market suffering from the crisis in the urgent electric supply situation.


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