정보통신설비학회논문지 [Journal of the Institute of Information and Telecommunication Facility Engineering]

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제11권 제3호 (1건)

분산형 태양광 마이크로 인버터를 위한 ZigBee 네트워크 기반 모니터링 시스템 설계 및 구현

김태형, 함경선

한국정보통신설비학회 정보통신설비학회논문지 제11권 제3호 2012.09 pp.63-70

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Nowadays the distributed Micro Inverter system for PV (Photo Voltaic) generation is regarded as the one of the effective way for improving the power efficiency. The Micro Inverter system is a distributed system which is composed of PCSs (Power Conversion Systems) on each PV cells. In this paper, we've developed ZigBee network module and monitoring system of the Micro Inverter system for gathering PV generation and PCS conditions. The major packet loss of the wireless network due to the packet collision was reduced by 0.1% during 3,000 times data communication based on 100 ZigBee modules using our new packet protocol. Also we performed the Micro Inverter control and information analysis using our Solar Gateway and web based monitoring server.


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