정보통신설비학회논문지 [Journal of the Institute of Information and Telecommunication Facility Engineering]

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    한국정보통신설비학회 [Korea Institute of Information & Telecommunication Facilities Engineering]
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제11권 제4호 (1건)

문형 인식을 위한 객체의 위치 추적을 위한 색인 구조의 설계 및 구현


한국정보통신설비학회 정보통신설비학회논문지 제11권 제4호 2012.12 pp.71-76

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In this study by scanning the pattern left on a piece of paper to determine how to enter the Characters how to convey enter the character of the input patterns that appear when you write a character to a location such as the mouse digitizer input device with Fuzzy Neural algorithms were tested Fuzzy Neural hybrid system, fuzzy logic techniques and neural can be viewed as two individual subsystems they do their own jobs by serring different purposes in a system. By making use of their individual strengths , they incorporate and complement each other to accomplish a desired task. this system makes use of the strength fo a neural network in its processing speed and the strength of fuzzy logic in its flexible reasoning capability for decision making and control to use the mouse to use in everyday life and to relieve these uncomfortable using an intelligent algorithm to determine the pattern analysis of the movement of the mouse by letters or symols that can be entered ,judgment and experiment proved its usefulness.


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