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    한국사회안전범죄정보학회 [Korea Social Safety Criminal Intelligence Association]
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2018 KAPA/KSCIA International Conference (13건)



The influence of job satisfaction and employee turnover of mining industry to social security

PurevdulamAltantsetseg, James K.C. Chen, Munkhdelger Tsevegjav

한국사회안전범죄정보학회 한국사회안전범죄정보학회 학술대회 2018 KAPA/KSCIA International Conference 2018.06 pp.11-44

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Purpose: Employees’ turnover rate in the mining industry is still higher than any other industry. This research aims to explore the employees’ turnover through working condition (WC), organizational commitment (OC), leadership(L), and job satisfaction (JS) in human resource practices of the most technologically advanced industry by using the mining industry for an empirical case. Design/methodology/approach: New employees’ turnover model was drawn by key dimensions such as working condition, organizational commitment, leadership, job satisfaction and employees’ turnover. According to the data collection of survey,368sampling gathered from the employees who are working in the largest mining companies of Mongolia. The paper conducted through structural equation model (SEM) a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), a path analysis. In addition, in order to check mediation effect this study used bootstrapping method. Findings: The findings show that leadership significantly influenced to both of job satisfaction and employees’ turnover. In addition, organizational commitment and working condition showed a positive impact on dependent variables. Others, the results of the current study indicate a positive relationship between organizational commitments (OC) of employees of mining companies and working condition (WC). Organizational commitment (OC) has the positive relationship between leadership(L) and employees’ turnover (ET). Also working condition (WC) mediates the relationship between leadership and job satisfaction (JS). Research limitations: Employees’ turnover is a wide field of research for the firm’s human resource management, however, in this study; data is collected from only the mining companies in Mongolia. Practical implications: The case involves both theoretical and practical methods in human resource management of the mining organization. It can be guidance for managers for the enhancement of employee enthusiasm, keeping employees’ motivated and the advancement of the quality of leadership. Originality/value: The paper employees’ turnover has been a demand for the human resource practice of the mining industry. In addition, this paper concentrated on one of the heavy industries that significantly contribute to growth of the national economic and employment of the country.



Some issue on responding criminal responsible on teenager person

Nasanbat Dorj

한국사회안전범죄정보학회 한국사회안전범죄정보학회 학술대회 2018 KAPA/KSCIA International Conference 2018.06 pp.63-75

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Criminal responsibility on teenager/non-age/ operates crime in each country is regulated differently due to the level of jurisdiction, law, society, economy and criminal penalty system. Also recent year globally criminal jurisdiction of teenager is being discussed and were paid attention to this topic. Therefore, by comparing tradition and reform of this specific regulation in Mongolia this topic was chosen in order to determine teenager criminal and optimal and appropriate minimum range of criminal penalty in Mongolian criminal jurisdiction out of many urgent issues.





Some issues in Mongolian society

Ulziitogtokh Tsilkhaa

한국사회안전범죄정보학회 한국사회안전범죄정보학회 학술대회 2018 KAPA/KSCIA International Conference 2018.06 pp.147-154

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The legal issues in all countries are important.In the early days the social system without government was administered by the tribe leader or influential people. At the same time society has been divided into several sections and there had been two other sides that people who had the authority had properties, but other people had been exhausted. This situation had impacted to become conflict which made disorder. In order to regulate there had been needed a powerful way was “State” that is being used as contemporary political form of government. There could not had the opportunity to be without state. At that historical situation the state was established, met social development requirements, and its core essence, role, objectives, and structure had been changed, and the form, style were being had many sides. The form of procedure was being improved. In our country: Early Middle Contemporary “State”-s had been changed historically by the influence of external and internal factors that included common or specific features, and had been identified on social phenomena. Society is the base of the state. However the society had not beenproduced by the state. The society had produced the State.The state is a special power with authority to develop the society. State, Governance and Society are interrelated and are not exactly the same.Every country has a state. Because the state must be a “Guide” to drive the country. State, governance are united concept but a looking form of state is its agencies with authority. A form of governance is its executive regulating public administration agencies. That’s why administrative law is the one part of public law, which covers state administration procedure.Administrative law is the legal norms for public benefits, which regulates social relations between state, its administration. Thus, if state administration agencies have any illegal acts which break any laws, it would have been the base of misunderstanding between state and public.1) Therefore, legal acts of state administration agencies must be adequate to laws.


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