旅游目的地的形象,感知价值及游客满意度关系的分析 - 访韩中国游客为例
Analysis on the Relationships between Destination Image, Perceived Value and Tourist Satisfaction. - Focused on Chinese tourists to South Korea
려유목적지적형상,감지개치급유객만의도관계적분석 - 방한중국유객위례

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This study examines the relationships between cognitive image, affective image, perceived value and tourist satisfaction. Destination images play a significant influencing role in destination selection. This study was conducted with the specific goal of determining the destination images of South Korea as perceived by Chinese travelers. A conceptual framework was developed to model these relationships, which was validated with an empirical data set. The survey was conducted with Chinese tourists to South Korea by questionnaire from September 1st to September 25th, 2014. Based on the response of a total of 400 Chinese tourists obtained from the empirical research, this study reviewed reliability and fitness of the research model and verified a total of 3 hypotheses using SPSS21.0 program. The hypothesized relationship in the model were tested simultaneously by using regression analysis. The results shows that cognitive and affective image as independent variables had an effect on perceived value. The perceived value had influence on tourist satisfaction. Moreover, perceived value, and tourist satisfaction are strongly influenced by destination image. Finally, the implications and future research suggestions were discussed in the conclusion section. Recommendations are provided to offer valuable direction to Korean tourism offices and marketers to better promote South Korea as a valuable destination for Chinese tourists.


 Ⅰ. 緒論
 Ⅱ. 理論背景
  1. 目的地形象
  2. 感知价值及游客满意度
 Ⅲ. 假设分析
  1. 研究模型
  2. 問卷設計與調查
  3. 統計結果分析
 Ⅳ. 結論與展望
  1. 研究结论
  2. 管理启示


  • 肖芳芳 [ 초방방 | 又松大学校 国际交流院 ]
  • 张耀熙 [ 장요희 | 又松大學校 大学院 国际经营系 博士课程 ]
  • 金始中 [ 김시중 | 又松大學校 Hospitality and Culinary MBA大学院 教授 ] 通讯作者


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    관광경영연구 [Journal of Tourism Management Research]
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