基於地方理論的古村落居民地方意義特徵分析 ­- 以西遞、宏村、南屛爲例
Analysis on the Characteristics of Place Meanings of Ancient Village Residents ­- A Case Study of Xidi, Hongcun and Nanping Villages, China
기어지방리론적고촌락거민지방의의특징분석 ­- 이서체、굉촌、남병위례

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Place-based theories and research on sense of place, place attachment, and place identity have made a critical contribution to the understanding of our relationships to place. There are three popular conceptualizations of the idea of place, namely sense of place, place attachment and place meanings. The western researches on the theory and methodology become increasingly mature. By taking three ancient villages in China for instance, the article measured place meanings of ancient village residents by designing measurement scale, and analyzed the general characteristics and dimensional structure. The findings showed place meanings was comprised by two dimensions-family and individual identity, community and continuity. Place meanings came more from family and individual identity than from community and continuity. Birthplace was the main factor in the formation of residents place meanings, and family and individual identity is influenced by the residence time in ancient villages as well. Understanding contested meanings of place is important for managers because sense of place and place meanings are often connected to attitudes and expectations about appropriate and inappropriate management or use. Place meanings research in ancient village presented a new perspective for ancient village planning, protection and management research, which also offered basis for the establishment of ancient village protection and management measures.


 Ⅰ. 緖論
 Ⅱ. 理論背景
  1. 地方和地方感
  2. 地方依戀
  3. 地方意義
 Ⅲ. 皖南古村落居民地方意義特徵分析
  1. 硏究區域
  2. 問卷設計與調査
  3. 統計結果分析
 Ⅳ. 結論與展望


  • 賽靜 [ 새정 | 又松大學校 大学院 觀光经营系 博士课程 & 中國黃山大學旅游學院 教授 ]
  • 蕭芳芳 [ Fangfang Xiao | 又松大學校 大学院 觀光经营系 博士课程 ]
  • 金始中 [ 금시중 | 又松大學校 C-MBA大学院 教授 ] 通讯作者


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