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社會間接資本投資의 效果測定:지역SOC의 Network화에 따른 국가적 투자효과 또 다른 接近


한국응용경제학회 응용경제 제4권 제1호 2002.06 pp.88-113

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This paper is aiming at deriving the measurement alternatives for the SOC investment effects. Starting from the review of existing methods such as cost-benefit analysis, this paper mainly deals with the development of effect measurement concept. It is our belief that during economic development process social overhead capital has played some important roles. Through this paper, the importance of interdisciplinary study including economics, planning, engineering and policy for effects measurement is emphasized. Besides the traditional effect measurement methods, this paper suggests the another approach including effect concept, effect items, measurement procedures, etc., using road network ex-post evaluation as a sample case. This is the case for ex-post policy program evaluation. Road improvement project program such as enlargement and pavement during 1973-1994 period was used for our evaluation, concept formulation and development for SOC investment effect measurement.





고등학교 대기 중의 수증기 단원 학습효과 개선을 위한 멀티미디어 교수자료 개발 및 과학 관련 태도와 학습 동기에 대한 적용 효과 분석


한국교원대학교 교육연구원 교원교육 제24권 제4호 2008.12 pp.378-394

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본 연구의 목적은 고등학교 3학년을 대상으로 ‘대기 중의 수증기’ 단원에 대한 멀티미디어 교수자료 개발과 과학 관련 태도 및 학습 동기에 관한 효과 및 멀티미디어 활용 수업에 대한 인식을 알아보는 것이다. 이를 위해, 이질집단 사전사후 검사로 본 연구를 설계하였다. 5가지 주제의 실험으로 동영상자료를 개발하였으며, 개발된 6차시에 걸쳐 실험집단에 적용하였다. 수업 이후, 멀티미디어 교수자료를 활용한 교수학습에서 과학 관련 태도, 과학 학습 동기에 모두 통계적으로 유의미하게 상승한 것으로 나타났다. 멀티미디어 활용한 수업에 대한 학생들의 인식을 조사한 결과, 대다수의 학생들이 멀티미디어를 활용한 수업에 대해 긍정적으로 생각하고 있었고, 다른 강의식 수업과 비교하여 지구과학의 개념을 쉽게 이해 할 수 있다고 답했다.
The purpose of this study was to develop multimedia teaching materials on water vapor in the atmosphere unit, to analyze the application effects about attitudes related science and learning motivation to high school students and to survey their views of multimedia using lessons. For the purpose, this study was performed through nonequivalent group pre-posttest design method. The multimedia learning materials with five experiments were developed and the materials were applied into experimental group during six lessons. After the lessons, we got the data from instruments about attitudes related science and learning motivation and questionnaire about surveying the multimedia using lessons. The results were following; the both of the attitudes related science and learning motivation were increased significantly in experimental group, and a lot of the students in experimental group replied to get positive manners about the lessons and it was easier to understand the science concept than other lecture styles.



효과적 보호관찰을 위한 指示的 指導·監督 技法


한국보호관찰학회 보호관찰 제5호 2005.12 pp.165-228

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效果的인 質問方法과 學習指導


대한사립중고등학교장회 사학 1989 봄 통권49호 1989.06 pp.79-82

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우리나라의 效果的인 災難管理體制 構築方案에 관한 硏究


한국경호경비학회 한국경호경비학회지 제3호 2000.05 pp.83-116

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Many concerns have been raised for importance of disaster management after 1990's numerous urban disasters in Korea. When the primary function of government is to protect lives and property of citizens, disaster management should be included in the mainstream of public administration and many hazard countermeasures should be carried out for that purpose. The principal purpose of this research is to establish ways and means needed to improve the disaster management system in Korea. This paper is split into five chapters. Chapter I is the introduction part. Chapter II introduces the reader to a disaster management theory, and deals with various disaster management systems of foreign countries such as the U.S.A. and Japan, Chapter III describes and characterizes the Korea's current disaster management system. The Korean disaster management system has been reestablished through the enactment of the Disaster Management Act of 1995 and the full revision of Natural Hazards Management Act of 1995 after series of catastrophic man-made disasters since 1993. Chapter IV is devoted to the establishment of an effective disaster management system in Korea. In this chapter, I discusses measures needed to improve the quality of CDMB(Central Disaster Management Bureau)'s service to the people. I strongly reemphasize the effectiveness of a comprehensive risk-based, all-hazard national emergency management system that addresses preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. To that end the Administration should develop legislation, new policies, and organizational plans to invigorate the agency with a refocussed mission. Chapter V is a conclusion. As the demand for citizens'welfare has been continuously increased in the localization, the importance of disaster management is emerging subject in the public sector. The disaster management carries out complicated affairs and manages diverse objects, the cooperation/connection system of the central-local government and citizens, and non-governmental organization should be established.





敎育의 效果와 人間生活


세계평화교수협의회 광장 16호 1974.09 p.38

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失業의 烙印效果와 雇傭保險制度의 役割

康淳熙, 鄭允亨

한국사회법학회 사회법연구 제3호 2004.12 pp.210-231

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자연재해와 효과적 대응방안의 모색


한국경호경비학회 한국경호경비학회지 제8호 2004.08 pp.337-360

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