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Survivability Evaluation Model in Wireless Sensor Network using Software Rejuvenation

Sazia Parvin, Thandar Thein, Dong Seong Kim, Jong Sou Park

한국융합보안학회 융합보안논문지 제8권 제1호 2008.03 pp.91-100

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The previous works in sensor networks security have focused on the aspect of confidentiality, authentication and integrity based on cryptographic primitives. There has been no prior work to assess the survivability in systematic way. Accordingly, this paper presents a survivability model of wireless sensor networks using software rejuvenation for dual adaptive cluster head. The survivability model has state transition to reflect status of real wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we only focus on a survivability model which is capable of describing cluster head compromise in the networks and able to switch over the redundant cluster head in order to increase the survivability of that cluster. Second, this paper presents how to enhance the survivability of sensor networks using software rejuvenation methodology for dual cluster head in wireless sensor network. We model and analyze each cluster as a stochastic process based on Semi Markov Process (SMP) and Discrete Time Markov Chain (DTMC). The proof of example scenarios and numerical analysis shows the feasibility of our approach.


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