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Factors Influencing Medical Service Customers’ Satisfaction and Behavioral Intention : The Case of patients from Russia and Central Asian countries

Elena Shegay, Hunhwa Choi, Keetaig Jung, Hoonyoung Lee

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제20권 제5호 통권 72호 2016.09 pp.405-427

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This study investigates factors that influence foreign customers’ satisfaction and behavioral intention towards medical services in South Korea. In particular, the relationship between medical service attributes including cultural distance, medical service components and convenience, on the one hand, and satisfaction and behavioral intention, on the other hand, is explored. The results of the study indicate that medical service attributes have a significant positive effect on satisfaction level of patients from Russia and Central Asian countries. Moreover, satisfaction influences such behavioral intentions as revisit intention and word-of-mouth intention. Hence, the more patients are satisfied with medical services provided, the higher the probability that they will return to the provider or recommend it to others. Accordingly, satisfaction level of international patients has to be continuously monitored to increase favorable behavioral intentions. However, our findings indicate that medical service attributes have no effect on behavioral intention of foreign customers. Thus, further research should be conducted on the topic.


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