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세계박람회의 환경단서가 개최지이미지에 미치는 영향 - 상해 엑스포를 중심으로 -

김창수, 허상관

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제15권 제3호 통권 48호 2011.09 pp.39-61

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As environmental cues which perceived by visitors to World Expo are very important factors in producing the city and nation's image of host sites, this study examined various environmental cues factors in the Expo site for Korean who visited 2010 Shanghai Expo and the effects of these factors to city and nation's image. First, it showed that city's image influenced suitability, human services, convenient facility connection, design and accessibility, and nation's image influenced human services, convenient facility connection and design in the relationship of Expo's environmental cues and destination image. And it showed that event programs didn't influence to city's image, this means that environmental cues of Expo is different from those of convention and festival. As a result, it can be elicited that visitors highly perceived structural level of Expo's theme and environmental suitability which appropriate to Expo's theme. Second, it could verify that there's a relationship between city's image and nation's image. Therefore, if visitors held affirmative image to destination city, they would hold same image to nation. It showed that city's image which shaped by visiting Expo could significantly influence to nations's image as well as city's image.


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