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대용량 고속 서비스에서 다중 데이터베이스 전환 구조 - 다대다교전환경 전투항공기 훈련시뮬레이터 적용을 중심으로 -


한국방위산업학회 한국방위산업학회지 제18권 제2호 2011.12 pp.106-115

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In this study, we proposed an architectural concept for Database Switching Architecture Based Distributed Simulation Service for combat aircraft training simulators. Training simulation service data is provided by the database switching architecture, and flight simulation environment data is provided by the Database Switching Architecture Based Distributed Simulation Service. In the LVC Training Environment, integration and interoperability are two very important factors for the Distributed Simulation Service. By the suggested Architecture Concept, each training simulator can get data from the dual database by accessing the online Data Base Switching Architecture Based Distributed Simulation Service. The suggested architecture concept will be helpful to the LVC environment and training simulation.



니체의 철학


한국철학교육학회 철학윤리교육연구 제4권 제10호 1988.04 pp.40-48

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자연어 처리기술을 활용한 프리츠커상 수상자 심사평 분석

이정원, 강준경, 최준성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회연합논문집 제17권 제4호 통권 68호 2015.08 pp.111-119

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The Pritzker Prize, recognized as the highest award in the field of architecture, should be given to selected winners without any controversy. Laureates, that are not only recognized by juries, but also by architects in different countries, related professionals, and others, should be nominated. Therefore it is possible to say that nominated laureates represent architectural trends of the time. The purpose of this study, is largely divided into two. First is to understand the trends of architecture by analyzing the jury citation of each laureates. The second purpose is to easily analyze 38 jury citation by utilizing the natural language processing technology, and to present the possibility of applying this method to the field of architecture. This research has been carried out through the following process. Jury citation have been filtered and analyzed using the 'Stanford Parser’. Also previous studies have been reviewed to establish a suitable research method. Then, main contents of the citation, which can be divided into 9 categories, have been derived and reviewed to understand the trends of architecture. Change in architectural trends have been analyzed based on the categories of expression characteristics and architectural ideas, trends of times, inhabitant, surrounding environment, materials, technologies, light, space and function, and morphological specifics. This research has significance not only in terms of understanding value trends but also in terms of utilizing natural language processing technology, an unfamiliar tool in the field of architecture.



달동네의 공간적 특성을 적용한 어린이 도서관 계획

문재형, 최준성, 오덕성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2013년도 학술발표대회 2013.12 pp.37-40

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The purpose of this study is to design Children's library throughout analyze the spatial characteristics of Dal dongne. and propose the possibility of dal dongne as the space for children. In this study space of dal dongne were assorted into three groups. First, The unique space created by personality of the residents. Second, The dynamic space created by the slope. Third, The between space created by buildings. And then spatial characteristics of each potential was applied to the children's library plan. The result of this study is that many valuable space exist in Dal dongne and this space was confirmed to have a potential as a learning and play space. This space induce children's interest and provide you with the various experience.



카메라의 원리를 적용한 사진 전문 미술관 계획안

최샘이, 최준성, 오덕성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2013년도 학술발표대회 2013.12 pp.203-206

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The purpose of this paper is to design photo gallery in framing at the valuable places on applying the principle of camera. It is important to preserve the value of place. However currently Seo-cheon has a tended to proceed with development of maximize economical factors. And directions of the development is excessively approached with preservation of existing building(Korean-style House). Therefore, this paper is be able to frame of the valuable places in Seo -cheon using the principle of camera based on the concept of ‘serial vision’ by G.Cullen.



감각적 체험을 통한 ‘우키시마호’ 메모리얼 스페이스 계획안

김수민, 최준성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2013년도 학술발표대회 2013.12 pp.5-8

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The purpose of this project is to propose design strategies for Ukisima-ho memorial space through sensory experience. The memorial space is to honor specific incidents or person and primarily arranged of statues and images which are only focused on visual sensation. The memorial space is one of the most effective space which can make people relate their senses to surroundings. This paper examined the sensory experience which is able to apply on memorial space and analyse the site where is the exact place the incident was happened. After investigation, senses of sight, hearing, touch was chosen to apply on. The designed space will be arranged sequentially so that visitors can sympathize with pain forced draftee suffered.



지역커뮤니티 공간으로서의 예술창작공간 계획(안)

김현욱, 최준성, 오덕성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2013년도 학술발표대회 2013.12 pp.191-194

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

In general, the most of artistic creative space has been planned in terms of the artist than visitors. The aim of this study is to propose artistic creative space in Hongdae area that is easily accessible and functional as local community. In order to propose the design, It distinguish artist's space and visitor's space through analysis of existing examples of art space. At the same time, It is presented architectural design to reflect the physical properties of Hongdae as user- centered plan.



시각장애인의 감각적 체험을 고려한 맹학교 설계

유다정, 최준성, 오덕성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2013년도 학술발표대회 2013.12 pp.127-130

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The purpose of this study is to design a school for visually impaired children to recognize more easily the location and space. Unlike ordinary people, it is known that the visually impaired people relate their auditory or tactile sense to interpret the environment. Although sensible elements is important like that, most facilities for the blind have no difference with the general school facilities(in terms of space composition, circulation system, building arrangement etc.) Therefore, this study aims to analyze elements of architectural planning taking the cognition characteristics of visually impaired person. And design proposal can be provided accessibility and recognition to the visually impaired persons by characteristic of space.



옥상마을의 공간적 특성을 반영한 복합상업공간 계획

이일우, 최준성, 오덕성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2013년도 학술발표대회 2013.12 pp.139-142

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study reflects the characteristics of the rooftop village in Busan, and it aims to design Complex commercial space that meeting modern commercial space. The reason for this is some commercial space’s redevelopment that is going along with take no notice of existing commercial space’s local, spatial features. The site was flourished with Center Market in Beomil-dong but it is largely composed of remaining rooftop village and Jungang fruits and vegetables Market that lost ground caused by reorganizing commercial rights from Center Market redevelopment. The study discovered the value of hidden architectural plan through the analysis of the spatial characteristics around rooftop village. and Focusing on this, I suggest the space structure of 3-D.



모듈러 건축시스템을 활용한 이동형 주거시설 계획안

조우형, 최준성, 오덕성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2013년도 학술발표대회 2013.12 pp.81-84

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This study is propose about plan to provide movable housing that accommodate temporary visitors to various event such as the Olympics and the Expo. The process of the study is followings. First, this study will investigate the theoretical background of movable architecture through literature research. Next, this study find design strategy through case study of modular architecture system. Based on these, this study suggests planning of movable housing through modular architecture system. The example of this planning is from Pyengchang winter olympics. A planning of movable housing can be moved to respond to peek demands and used for the other events variously in the future.



홍대 지역 보행 활성화를 위한 폐선지 활용방안

김소영, 최준성, 오덕성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2013년도 학술발표대회 2013.12 pp.231-234

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The goal of this research is to propose a plan about connecting pedestrian streets in Hongdae area through the utilization of a disused railway that is not used anymore. The current site has been deserted with garbage dump and usually used as parking spaces. And it has became a element of the barrier interrupting urban continuity and caused visual pollutions. The site is located between end of Hongdae Pedestrian Street that is crowded with young generation and Art Class Street. However in terms of program and spatial continuity, the pedestrian streets is not connected. Therefore, this study suggests a linear commercial and cultural plan for pedestrian and form a circular pedestrian system and improve walkability in Hongdae area.



도시 속 틈의 연결을 통한 복합문화공간 설계 - 의성 성광성냥공업사 리노베이션 -

박소현, 최준성, 오덕성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2013년도 학술발표대회 2013.12 pp.41-44

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

This paper aims to propose a design plan that will connect each other to recover broken relationship, renovating a dilapidated domestic match factory abandoned by the city redevelopment project. It tries to remain a value through processes of preservation, reconstruction and extension, restoring a natural part and connecting a historical part, by means of coexisting the past time that match, once our important asset, left a trace in and the present image in the city. And it plans a complex cultural space that can communicate and expresses a space, applying gap with functional, technical and circulating plan methods.



지능형 지속 위협 공격 (APT) 특성 분석 - 2009 ~ 2012 년, 국내 방위산업계 공격을 중심으로

최준성, 박원형, 국광호

한국방위산업학회 한국방위산업학회지 제19권 제2호 2012.12 pp.73-89

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Attempts to distribute malware using social engineering email deployment to the domestic defense industry have been detected from CY 2009 to 2012, up to the present. The analysis of the characteristics of the attacks showed their consistency and specificity. They commonly use social engineering to distribute malware. In addition, they have typical APT characteristics. On the other hand, the persistence of the same techniques and forms was seen. These are done by the same group or the same person who launched the APT attack. According to the APT attack characteristics, there is a limit to malware defense and prevention. Therefore, all of the executives and staff members understand and share the characteristics of APT and need to be strengthened in security management. Only prevention can reduce the risk of a security incident from an APT attack via social engineering. <Keywords> APT, Advanced Persistent Threat, Social Engineering Attack



사이버전 대응을 위한 국방 SW 개발보안 적용 방안 - 무기체계 내장형 SW 적용 수준을 중심으로

최준성, 김우제, 박원형, 국광호

한국방위산업학회 한국방위산업학회지 제19권 제2호 2012.12 pp.90-103

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The need for security in the SDLC (SW Development Life Cycle) has been increasing. Also, it is well-known that the error correction cost in the SW operational phase is soaring highly compared with that in the design phase. On the other hand, it is known that the security vulnerabilities have decreased with the application of Secure Coding in the design phase. Security for the warfare systems embedded SW of defense SW is very important, though, but has not yet been discussed. In this paper, defense SW factors and methods, especially the warfare systems embedded SW, are discussed. <Keywords> Secure Coding, Defense Software, Warfare System Embedded Software



컨테이너의 건축 적용가능성을 통한 대학생 기숙사 계획안

김휘웅, 최준성, 오덕성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2012년도 학술발표대회 2012.12 pp.263-266

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

A study has been headed for solving the serious problem which is related with college's housing as using a secondhand-container. Therefore, In-ha University, In-cheon is selected for a site, so that this is supposed an economical and eco-friendly dormitory for Uni-students by used containers. The approach of planning is designed through the functional aspect. Within this approach, it is able to solve an architectural applicability through overcoming the physical limitations of container. The Applicability has a character for providing a economical profits and eco-friendly solutions in an existing dormitory. In this study, there has significance because of a new application which is recycled a used container from the temporary residences.



이세이 미야케 패션디자인의 건축적 해석을 통한 플래그쉽 스토어 계획안

황효택, 최준성, 오덕성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2012년도 학술발표대회 2012.12 pp.259-262

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The purpose of this project is to design a flagship store through an architectural analysis on Issey Miyake’ s fashion design. Issey Miyake created experimental designs on clothing by using unique materials, shapes, patterns. His design is a result of endless struggling about the relationship between human body and clothing. And also, as a result of analysis on Issey Miyake's fashion design, I found the common element that it is a Pleats. This proposal focus on the design of the envelope to present Issey Miyake's fashion design architecturally. This proposal has a meaning that can be applied to a variety of approaches in the design of the Issey Miyake’s flagship store in the future.



퍼블릭 스페이스의 입체적 구성을 통한 평화시장 활성화 전략

윤성복, 최준성, 오덕성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2012년도 학술발표대회 2012.12 pp.243-246

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Megastructure appeared as proposal for overcrowded city in 1960s'. Megastructure had been built for unifying of building and urban infrastructure. However, Megastructure that appeared in the times of Korean modernization, deviated from that theory and was used to have a bad influence on Urban network. The purpose of this paper is to present strategies that is Three-dimensional organizing of Urban public space against such phenomenon of the above. This strategies are going to solve the problem with organic unification of megastructure and urban public space.



휴식과 소통의 장으로서 디지털 도서관의 설계 방안

윤치호, 최준성, 오덕성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2012년도 학술발표대회 2012.12 pp.267-270

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

As information-oriented society development, utilization of information become import part of daily life as well as academic curiosity and the pleasure of contemplation. The situation is accelerating further due to development of digital media and digital device. naturally role of printed media reduced and it of digital media increased. Digital Library has been a mainstay in the form of a new library. However, the nature of the digital environment, the information medium of exchange that takes place in the virtual space design of library space will be very diverse. Therefore, extracting elements of design that digital library and rest space have, I will check the possibility of applying through a case study to elicit Strategy of design.



유기적 연속성을 적용한 도서관 설계기법에 관한 연구

김정화, 최준성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2012년도 학술발표대회 2012.12 pp.255-258

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

As life expectancy increases, the number of visitors to libraries is growing very fast and the space of libraries is changing for its visitors. The library has to provide greater places, better indoor condition, thus creating a healthier and more enjoyable atmosphere for its users. The concept of organic continuity in spcae was applied for making comfortable environments. Organic continuity can make different places to become connected with nature. In its natural environment, a learning performance has improved, and energy consumption in library has decreased. Thus, this project is to extract two elements related to organic contimuity and arrange these elements to library. Through the project, it also suggests to design sustainable library.



디지털기법을 이용한 비정형 건축 설계에 관한 연구 - 미술관 외피설계 과정을 중심으로

진해강, 최준성, 오덕성

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2012년도 학술발표대회 2012.12 pp.247-250

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Recently, the Non-liner design has turned the Architecture development into a new age . Such a complex building design and implementation process is very different form the original building design process. It is quite complicated to figure out the Non-liner Architecture skin design method. So to understand the skin structure system and desing process is very important. This thesis is maintain focus on analysising design and implementation methods, and software. After the case study is finished by using the digital software to finish the nonlinear Museum of Fine Arts building skin design.


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