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Effect of Respiratory Muscle Training Posture on Respiratory Muscle Activation in Stroke Patients

Ju-Hyeon Jung, Nan-Soo Kim

대한스포츠물리치료학회 정형스포츠물리치료학회지 Vol.14 No.1 2018.06 pp.129-136

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Purpose: This study investigated the effects of respiratory muscle training posture on respiratory muscle activation in stroke patients and presented appropriate posture for the respiratory muscle training. Methods: Thirty-six stroke patients were assigned to either a neutral training posture (n = 13), habitual training posture (n = 12), or side bending training posture (n = 11) group. Respiratory muscle training was conducted using an inspiratory muscle trainer. Each group was asked to adopt either a neutral, habitual, or side-bending posture during respiratory muscle training, which was performed for 30 minutes per day, 10 sets, 3 times per week, for a total of 6 weeks. After each session, external intercostal muscles and sternocleidomastoid muscle activity were measured via surface electromyography. Results: The paretic or non-paretic side intercostal muscle differed significantly in the three groups, and the non-paretic side intercostal muscle was significantly decreased in the neutral training group. The non-paretic side sternocleidomastoid muscle differed significantly in the three groups, and the nonparetic side sternocleidomastoid muscle was significantly increased in the habitual training group. Conclusion: A neutral posture, where appropriate spine and trunk alignment is maintained, is a more effective posture for respiratory muscle training for improving respiratory function in stroke patients.



슬링을 이용한 목 안정화 운동 시 아래턱 위치가 고유수용성감각과 관절가동범위에 미치는 영향

채정병, 정주현

대한고유수용성신경근촉진법학회 PNF and Movement 제16권 제1호 2018.04 pp.115-123

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Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of mandible position on proprioception and range of motion (ROM) during neck stabilization exercise using a sling in healthy adults. Methods: The subjects were randomly assigned to either a sling exercise and mandible open group (n=10) or a sling exercise and mandible closed group (n=12). The sling exercise-mandible open group and sling exercise- mandible closed group took part in an exercise program for 30min, three times per week for 4 weeks. After each training session, head repositioning accuracy (HRA) and the ROM of the cervical spine were measured. Wilcoxon’s test was conducted to verify changes within each group, and the Mann–Whitney U test was performed to examine between-group differences. Results: The HRA of the cervical spine was significantly increased during left rotation and extension in the sling exercise-mandible open group. In addition, there were significant differences in both rotations and extension in the two groups. The ROM of the cervical spine increased significantly during both rotations in the sling exercise-mandible closed group. In addition, there was a significant difference in right rotation and extension in both groups. Conclusion: Cervical stabilization exercise using a sling, with the mandible closed increased proprioception and the ROM of the cervical spine.



The Analysis of the Pulmonary Function and Expiratory Muscle Thickness in Female Smokers

Ju-Hyeon Jung, Nan-Soo Kim

대한스포츠물리치료학회 정형스포츠물리치료학회지 Vol.13 No.1 2017.06 pp.11-16

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This study analyzed the effects of smoking on expiratory muscle thickness and pulmonary function in 34 (17 smokers, 17 nonsmokers) healthy female volunteers. The thickness of the internal oblique and transverse abdominal muscles was measured at rest and with forced expiration, using a 7.5-MHz linear ultrasonic imaging probe. The measured thickness was converted into the percentage of change in muscle thickness. All subjects performed maximum expiratory flow maneuvers using a spirometer to determine the forced vital capacity, forced expiratory volume in the first second, peak expiratory flow, and forced expiratory volume in 1 s as a percentage of forced vital capacity. There were significant differences in pulmonary function (forced expiratory volume in 1 s as a percentage of forced vital capacity, peak expiratory flow) between the smokers and nonsmokers,as well as significant differences in expiratory muscle thickness (transverse abdominal). This study showed that female smokers have impaired pulmonary function and expiratory muscle contraction.



고관절에 적용한 PNF 안정화 기법과 교각운동이 요부안정화 근육에 미치는 영향

김용훈, 정주현

대한고유수용성신경근촉진법학회 PNF and Movement 제15권 제1호 2017.04 pp.51-56

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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of the PNF stabilization technique for the hip joint and the bridging exercise on the trunk stabilizer muscles in healthy adults. Methods: Twenty-eight healthy adults were randomly allocated to either a PNF stabilization exercise group (n = 12) or a bridging exercise group (n = 16). The outcome measures included the contraction thickness ratio in the transversus abdominis (TrA), internal oblique (IO), and external oblique (EO), and the TrA lateral slide was assessed during the abdominal drawing-in maneuver using b-mode ultrasound. The researcher measured the abdominal muscle thickness of each participant before the therapist began the intervention and at the moment that the intervention was applied. Between-group comparisons were performed using the Mann– Whitney U test. The level of statistical significance was set at 0.05. Results: The PNF intervention program showed a significant increase in the trunk stabilizer muscle. The percentage of change in the TrA thickness showed a significant interaction between intervention. However, there were no significant differences in the IO and EO between the two groups. Conclusion: The PNF stabilization technique for the hip joint can be used effectively to improve the IO and TrA muscles in healthy adults.



호텔 종사원의 고객언어폭력, 감정노동, 감정고갈 및 비생산적 업무행동의 구조관계 고찰

정주현, 김인신, 이환의

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제3호 통권 65호 2015.07 pp.83-104

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In recent years, emotional labour is emerging as an important factor for the service encounter employees. The purposes of this study are 1) to investigate the relationship between customer verbal aggression and emotional labour, surface acting and deep acting, 2) to examine the effect on emotional exhaustion of customer verbal aggression and emotional labour, surface acting and deep acting, 3) to identify the relationship between emotional exhaustion and counterproductive work behavior, and finally 4) to identify moderating effects of tenure on the relationship between customer verbal aggression and employees’ emotional labour and emotional exhaustion. For the empirical test, the data of the study were collected from service encounter employees working in luxury hotels in Seoul. The findings of the study showed that 1) customer verbal aggression have positive effects on surface acting and emotional exhaustion, but no effect on deep acting, 2) customer verbal aggression and surface acting increased emotional exhaustion, but deep acting has a negative effect on emotional exhaustion, 3) emotional exhaustion has a signigicant impact on counterproductive work behaviour, and last, 4) tenure as moderating effect showed the relationship between the customer verbal aggression and surface acting.



게임 전시회 대학생 참관객의 목표지향적 참여의도 예측 : G-Star 게임전시회를 대상으로

정주현, 현성협, 김인신

한국무역전시학회 무역전시연구 제10권 제1호 통권 제20호 2015.04 pp.157-181

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본 연구의 목적은 첫째, 게임 전시회인 지스타2014에 참가하고자 하는 대학생 참관객 들의 참가의도를 확장된 목표지향적 행동모형을 적용하여 분석하고자 하였으며, 둘째, 태도에 유의한 영향을 미치는 선행변수를 확인하고자 하였다. 마지막으로 지스타 참가 열망과 참관객 혁신성과의 관계를 살펴보고자 한다. 본 연구에서 제안한 모형의 실증 분석을 위하여 대학 재학생 318명의 유효표본을 사용하였으며, 빈도분석, 확인적 요인분석, 그리고 가설검증을 위한 구조방정식모형분석 을 실시하였다. 실증 분석 결과 다음과 같은 결과가 확인이 되었다. 첫째, 태도에 영향을 미치는 선행변수인 지각된 혜택에서 흥미와 다양성이 태도와 유의한 정(+)의 관계가 있음이 확인이 되었다. 둘째, 긍정 예기정서, 전파성, 지각된 행동통제는 각각 참가 열망과 긍정의 영향관계를 가지며, 셋째, 지각된 행동통제와 열망은 행동의도에 정(+)의 영향을 미친다 는 사실이 확인되었다. 마지막으로 참관객 혁신성은 열망에 유의한 영향을 미친다는 사실이 검증되었다. 본 연구의 결과에서 게임 전시회인 지스타에 참가하고자 하는 열망은 행동의도에 커 다란 영향을 미침을 확인하였으며, 이 참가 열망을 자극할 수 있는 요인을 확인해 볼 수 있었다.
The aims of this study were to 1) analyze the attending intentions to G-Star2014 by applying Extended Model of Goal-Directed Behavior(EMGB), 2) identify the antecedents affecting attitude, and 3) investigate the relationship between desire and participants' innovativeness. To test the model empirically, the data collected from 318 participants was analyzed using structural equation modeling analysis. The results showed that 1) two dimensions of perceived advantages (enjoyment and product variety) have positive effects on attitude, but financial advantage, 2) positive anticipated emotion, communicability, and perceived behavioral control affect desire, but negative anticipated emotion, 3) perceived behavioral control and desire have positive influence on behavioral intention, and participants' innovativeness has positive influence on desire.



병원종사자의 직무순환과 조직몰입 사이에서 동기부여의 매개효과 검정

정주현, 지재훈, 김원중, 이선찬, 김광, 최현주

보건의료산업학회 보건의료산업학회지 제8권 제2호 2014.06 pp.49-59

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This study attempted to provide some implications for human resource management of health services organizations by investigating the influence of job rotation on motivation and organizational commitment. For empirical analysis, a study model based on literature review of previous researches was developed, and a survey was conducted for the employees of 8 hospitals located in Busan area. In processing the data, frequency analysis, correlation analysis and path analysis were performed using SPSS 18.0 and AMOS 18.0. Main results of empirical analysis can be summarized as follows: First, procedure of job rotation, did not significantly affect tissue immersion and stimulation, but effect of job rotation, has been found to provide a significant effect. Second, motivation was shown to have a significant influence on emotional and normative commitments, sub-factors of organizational commitment variable. In conclusion, suggest that intentions and opinions of the organizational members need to be actively reflected in job rotations of which the effect can be maximized when they are regularly and reasonably implemented.



후관철낭 스트레청이 유착성 견관철낭염 환자의 관절가동범위,장애,통증에 미치는 효과

홍승우, 박가혜, 송유미, 오만수, 이진화, 정가희, 정주현, 추연기, 김난수

대한스포츠물리치료학회 정형스포츠물리치료학회지 Vol.6 No.1 2010.12 pp.69-76

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Background: The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of posterior capsule stretching on range of motion , disability and pain in patients with shoulder adhesive capsulitis. Method: The subjects of this study were 26 patients. The subjects were divided into two group(experimental group n = 16, control group n = 1 .. 80th group were treated 3 weeks. Shoulder range of motion and pain were measured by goniometer and VNRS(verbal numerical rating scale). Disability were assessed by questionnaire. The collected data analysed by paired T -test and independent T -test. Results: The experimental group significantly improved shoulder range of motion, pain and disability, but control group significantly improved only shoulder external rotation. Conclusion: The results showed that posterior capsule stretching were effective in improving shoulder range of motion, pain and disability in patients with shoulder adhesive capsulitis.



색안경이 아동의 주의집중력에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

이재신, 송현미, 전병진, 정주현, 김지현, 이경자, 이지연

대한작업치료학회 대한작업치료학회지 제17권 제2호 2009.05 pp.91-104

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약에 따라 개인회원에게 무료로 제공됩니다.

안경의 렌즈색상에 따른 초등학교 저학년 아동의 주의집중력 변화를 전산화인지기능검사(CNT)와 뇌파측 정을 통하여 알아보기 위한 것이다. 연구방법 : 대전광역시 W동에 거주하는 초등학교 1-4학년 30명을 대상으로 렌즈색상에 따른 주의집중력의 변화 를 알아보기 위해 전산화인지기능 평가도구를 시행하면서 뇌파를 측정하였다. 자료는 색안경을 착용 하지 않은 경우와 빨간색, 노란색, 파란색, 검은색 색안경을 착용한 전산화인지기능 평가도구의 주의집중수행도(CPT)와 뇌파의 변화를 수집하여 분석하였다. 결과 : 성별에 따른 주의집중력 및 뇌파를 분석한 결과 남학생이 여학생에 비하여 과잉반응수와 스트레스 영역에 서 높게 나타났다. 렌즈색상에 따른 주의집중력 컴퓨터 과제는 통계적으로 유의미한 차이가 없었지만, 이때 뇌 파 활성도를 비교해본 결과 상대알파와 주의집중력 뇌파에서 안경 미착용에 비해 각 색상이 있는 경우에서 활 성도가 높았으며, 특히 파란색과 검은색에서 유의미한 차이를 보였다. 색안경 착용 전후를 비교하였을 때 각 4 가지 렌즈 색에 대한 상대알파, 주의집중력에서 유의미한 차이를 보였다. 결론 : 안경의 색상에 따라 상대알파와 상대베타, 학습, 주의집중력이 통계적으로 유의미한 차이가 나타났다. 따 라서 작업치료사가 임상에서 주의집중력 결핍아동을 비롯한 인지손상의 주의집중력 훈련을 실시할 때 작업수 행이 이루어지는 공간의 색상 환경을 고려하는데 기초자료가 될 것이다.
The purpose of this study is to investigate changes of attention in elementary school students based on the color of their eyeglass lenses. Methods : This study was conducted using a Computerized Neurocognitive-function Test(CNT) and measured Electroencephalogram (EEG) to investigate changes of attention based on the eyeglass lens color of the subjects. A total of 30 1st to 4th grade elementary school students living in W-dong, Daejeon Metropolitan City were tested. The CPT was measured a total of five times, when glasses with no tint were worn, and when red, yellow, blue, and black tinted glasses were worn. Results : Based on the EEGs taken during the CPT, which compared cases when glasses with and without tinted lenses were worn, and the lens color when tinted glasses were used, each of 4 areas, relative alpha, beta relative, learning, and attention, showed levels of p< .05 , with statistically significant differences. Conclusion : Black and blue tinted lens glasses are expected to have a positive influence on attention.


맥반석 분말과 혼합 소성한 굴패각 미분말의 물성에 관한 연구

정민수, 정주현, 김호영, 강병희

대한건축학회지회연합회 대한건축학회지회연합회 학술발표대회논문집 2007년도 추계학술발표대회 2007.12 pp.642-645

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This Study is to investigate the utilization of calcining oyster & mineral material(maecbansoek) powder as calcium binder. The results of this study is follow; (1) Flow of paste using of calcining oyster & mineral material(maecbansoek) powder is similar at all condition. (2) Initial setting time is decreased by increasing of calcining temperature and time. Especially, oyster powder of manufacturing at calcining temperature 1,000℃ & time 120min appeared flash setting property. (3) The compressive strength on age is improved according to increasing of calcining temperature & time. Therefore optimum manufacturing condition of oyster powder is deducted calcining condition 1,000℃․120min & mineral material replacing rate 40% as calcium binder.



Suggestion of a classification table of design modeling elements in cultural dimensions - Focused on Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimensions -

백혜주, 정주현

한국디자인트렌드학회 한국디자인포럼 Vol. 43 2014.05 pp.223-232

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약기간이 종료되어 열람이 제한됩니다.

Designers consider cultures in design process, because customer’s design taste is influenced by local cultures. Moreover, an expanding internalization can enhance the value of local culture as it reduces the fear of vanishing local identity. The goal of this study is to suggest a classification table of design modeling elements in cultural types. In the literature research, I studied cultural dimensions and modeling elements. Cultural dimensions are organized by five dimensions through each culture theory from Geerf Hofstede which includes PDI, IDV, MAS, UAI, LTO dimensions. Through each modeling theory from five experts, modeling elements are organized by three elements including material, color and form. Each element has opposite sides. With two fixed models I designed an experimental module. As a result, a classification table was produced from the compiled statistics, and ‘Culture dimensions - Modeling elements’ table was completed. Main purpose of this study is to suggest a classification table of modeling elements in cultural types by integrating experts’ opinions. This table presents a design methodology for designers.


생태와 경관, 그 새로운 영역성


[Kisti 연계] 한국기술사회 기술사 Vol.31 No.2 1998 pp.49-53

협약을 통해 무료로 제공되는 자료로, 원문이용 방식은 연계기관의 정책을 따르고 있습니다.


소금민감성 SLC12A3 유전자 다형성에 따른 나트륨섭취가 소아비만에 미치는 영향

정주현, 이명숙

[Kisti 연계] 한국영양학회 Journal of nutrition and health Vol.50 No.1 2017 pp.32-40

협약을 통해 무료로 제공되는 자료로, 원문이용 방식은 연계기관의 정책을 따르고 있습니다.

소아기의 과체중 혹은 비만은 성인기의 만성질환의 onset 위험을 증가시키는 대사이상을 야기하므로 관련된 obesogenic 환경 (나트륨 섭취 등)을 제어할 필요가 있다. 본 연구에서는 소아기의 과도한 소금섭취가 신장의 재흡수 기능을 조절하는 SLC12A3기능장애로 이어져 고혈압 및 비만을 야기하는지를 확인하고자 하였다. 서울 구로구에 소재한 8~9세 초등학생 752명 (남학생: 379명 여학생: 373명)을 대상으로 BMI가 85 percentiles이상을 비만군으로, 이하를 정상군으로 분류하였다. SLC12A3 rs11643718 유전자형은 GG (wild)와 GA + AA로 분류하여 신체계측, 혈액검사, 식이조사 등을 비교분석하였다 대상자의 남아가 여아보다, 비만군이 정상군보다 신체지수, 혈액지수, 식사섭취량이 여아보다 높았다. 남녀 모두 비만군에서 높은 TG와 낮은 HDLc를 보여주었지만 비만한 남아는 혈압에, 비만한 여아는 인슐린저항성에 더 민감한 반응을 보였다. 비록 남녀차이는 있지만 비만군 및 정상군 모두에서 SLC12A3의 GA + AA형이 GG형보다 혈압과 체중이 높았다. GG 유전자형을 가지고 있는 소아는 혈중 LDLc, FBS, insulin등이 높거나 식이 콜레스테롤섭취가 증가할수록 비만이 될 위험도가 증가하였고 엽산의 섭취가 증가할수록 비만위험도는 감소하였다. 반면, GA + AA 유전자형을 가지고 있는 소아는 고나트륨 (> 4,000 mg/day)섭취시 비만위험도 (odd ratio)가 15.57배 증가하였고 남아 (22.84배)에서 더욱 위험도가 높았다. HDLc의 경우는 유전자형에 관계없이 증가할수록 비만위험도가 감소하였다. 결론적으로 SLC12A3 (rs11643718) 유전자의 A allele를 가진 형이 나트륨에 특이적으로 반응하여 과체중위험을 증가시키는 것으로 생각된다.
Purpose: Obesogenic environments in children, in particular excessive intake of sodium, generate hypertension, which is a major risk factor for chronic diseases. Methods: In all, 725 children, 379 boys and 373 girls, aged 8~9 years were recruited from seven elementary schools in Kuro-ku, Seoul. To evaluate whether or not obesity risk was modulated by salt-sensitive genes, Solute Carrier Familiy 12 member 3 (SLC12A3) was used as the target. After children were assigned into obese (BMI > 85 percentile) or non-obese groups, anthropometry, blood biochemistry, and dietary intakes were measured according to the genotypes GG (wild) or GA+AA (hetero+mutant). Results: Without gender differences, high TG and low HDLc were detected in the obese group compared to the non-obese group. Regardless of obesity, weight gain and blood pressure (BP) increased in the SLC12A3 GA+AA genotype rather than in the GG type. HDLc was associated with obesity risk without genotype difference. Odd ratios for risk of obesity were 15.57 (95% CI 2.192~110.654), 22.84 (95% CI 1.565~333.469), and 9.32 (95%CI 1.262~68.817) in boys and girls with GA+AA genotypes as sodium intake increased above 4,000 mg/day. Dietary calcium, sodium, folate, and vit C were associated with obesity risk according to gender or genotype differences. Since high folate intake reduced obesity risk in only boys with GG type. Risk for overweight and obesity increased in boys with GA+AA genotypes and dietary habits with high sodium and cholesterol and low folate. Conclusion: The A allele of SLC12A3 rs11643718 was sensitive to development of obesity in children as sodium intake increased.


태양광 리본용 Sn43Bi57Agx(wt%) 무연 솔더의 특성에 미치는 Ag의 영향

정주현, 조태식

[Kisti 연계] 한국전기전자재료학회 전기전자재료학회논문지 Vol.30 No.2 2017 pp.119-125

협약을 통해 무료로 제공되는 자료로, 원문이용 방식은 연계기관의 정책을 따르고 있습니다.

We have studied the effects of Ag on the characteristics of $Sn_{43}Bi_{57}Ag_x$(wt%) lead-free solders for photovoltaic ribbon. Ag atoms in the solder formed an alloy phase of Ag3Sn after reacting with some part of Sn atoms, while they did not react with Bi atoms, but decreased the mean size of Bi solid phase and the thickness of solder. When Ag atoms of 3.0 wt% was added to eutectic $Sn_{43}Bi_{57}$(wt%) solder, it showed the optimally useful results that the peel strength of photovoltaic ribbon greatly increased and the sheet resistance of the solder decreased. In the meanwhile, the eutectic $Sn_{43}Bi_{57}$(wt%) solder showed a low melting temperature of $138.9^{\circ}C$, and showed a very similar result regardless of the added amount of Ag atoms.


만성신장질환 개에서 수혈과 관련된 급성호흡곤란증후군

정주현, 최민철

[Kisti 연계] 한국임상수의학회 Journal of veterinary clinics Vol.32 No.1 2015 pp.94-97

협약을 통해 무료로 제공되는 자료로, 원문이용 방식은 연계기관의 정책을 따르고 있습니다.

한달간 간헐적인 구토, 식욕부진과 침울을 보인 11살의 중성화하지 않은 수컷 요크셔 테리어견이 내원하였다. 혈액검사상 질소혈증과 빈혈을 나타내었으며, 만성신장질환과 이로 인한 빈혈 상태로 진단이 되었다. 임상 증상 및 질소혈증은 다소 감소하였으나 빈혈은 악화되었기 때문에 수혈을 실시하였다. 수혈 동안 환자의 상태는 양호하였으나, 수혈 후 10 시간째 환자는 급성 호흡곤란 증상을 보였다. 이 환자는 급성 호흡곤란의 임상 증상을 보인점, 수혈의 위험 요인들, 흉부 방사선사진에서 좌우 미만성의 폐포 침윤, 동맥혈 분석에서 200 미만의 $PO_2:FiO_2$ 비율을 바탕으로 수혈과 관련된 급성호흡곤란증후군으로 진단이 되었으며, 이 증상을 보인후 2시간후 폐사하였다.
An 11-year-old intact male Yorkshire terrier had intermittent vomiting, anorexia and depression for a month. Clinical laboratory works showed azotemia and anemia. Chronic kidney disease with developing anemia was diagnosed clinically. Clinical signs were resolved but anemia was deteriorated and blood transfusion was performed. On 10 hours after transfusion, the dog showed acute respiratory distress. Transfusion related acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) was diagnosed based on acute clinical signs, risk factors of transfusion, bilateral alveolar infiltration on thoracic radiographs, and $PO_2:FiO_2$ ratio less than 200 on arterial blood analysis. The dog died within 2 hours after ARDS diagnosis.


개에서 감염성 담낭염과 동시 발병한 감염성 심내막염 1례

정주현, 최민철

[Kisti 연계] 한국임상수의학회 Journal of veterinary clinics Vol.32 No.4 2015 pp.338-342

협약을 통해 무료로 제공되는 자료로, 원문이용 방식은 연계기관의 정책을 따르고 있습니다.

12살 중성화 수컷 Miniature Schnauzer 견이 4일 동안 식욕부진, 구토, 기면과 고열로 내원하였다. 혈액 및 혈청검사에서는 백혈구 증가증, 혈소판감소증, 저혈당증, 저알부민혈증, 고빌리루빈혈증, 간효소치의 증가를 보였다. 복부초음파 검사에서 담낭의 고에코성의 불규칙한 벽의 비후 소견이 두드러지고, 심초음파 검사에서 대동맥 및 승모판의 증식성 변화와 역류를 보였다. 초음파유도하에 경피적담낭첨자술을 통하여 담즙을 흡인하고 배양하여 E.coli 감염을 확인하였다. 따라서 세균성 담낭염과 병발한 심내막염을 진단하였다. 항생제 감수성 검사를 통한 적절한 항생 요법과 적극적인 입원 치료를 통하여 패혈증에서 회복이 되었다.
A 12-year-old castrated male miniature Schnauzer had anorexia, vomiting, lethargy, and fever for four days. The dog had leukocytosis, thrombocytopenia, hypoglycemia, hypoalbuminemia, hyperbilirubinemia, increased hepatic enzymes on hematologic and biochemical examinations. On abdominal ultrasonographs, there was an enlarged gallbladder with hyperechoic irregular wall thickening. Echocardiography showed vegetative change and regurgitation of aortic and mitral valves. E.coli was identified through ultrasound guided percutaneous cholecystocentesis and bile culture. Bacterial cholecystitis and concurrent endocarditis were diagnosed. The dog was recovered from sepsis with antibacterial and aggressive supportive therapy.


2014.21.1.21폐쇄성수면무호흡증과 단순코골이 환자의 성격 특성 : 예비연구

강재명, 강승걸, 이유진, 정주현, 강일규, 황희영, 김지언, 이헌정, 신승헌, 박기형, 김선태

[Kisti 연계] 대한수면의학회 수면·정신생리 Vol.21 No.1 2014 pp.21-28

협약을 통해 무료로 제공되는 자료로, 원문이용 방식은 연계기관의 정책을 따르고 있습니다.

목 적: 폐쇄성무호흡증(Obstructive sleep apnea, OSA)과 단순코골이(simple snoring) 환자들의 성격적 특성에 대한 연구가 부족한 실정으로, 본 연구에서는 아이젱크 성격검사(Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, EPQ)를 사용하여 OSA와 단순코골이 환자들의 성격적 특성과 차이를 연구하였다. 방 법: OSA나 단순코골이가 의심되는 237명의 피험자들이 연구에 포함되었다. 모든 피험자들은 EPQ 등의 설문 검사를 받았고, 수면다원검사실에서 야간수면다원검사를 시행하였다. 무호흡저호흡지수(Apnea-Hypopnea Index, AHI) 5 이상은 OSA, 5 미만은 단순코골이로 분류되었다. 결 과: OSA군은 단순코골이군에 비해 정신병적 경향성(Psychoticism)에서 유의하게 낮은 점수를 보였다(F=4.563, p=0.034). 기타 외향성-내향성(Extraversion, F=3.029, p=0.083), 허위성(Lie, F=0.398, p=0.529), 신경증적 경향성(Neuroticism, F=3.367, p=0.068)에서는 OSA군과 단순코골이 군간에 유의한 차이가 없었다. OSA군 내에서 시행한 상관분석결과 AHI가 높을수록 외향성(r=0.16, p=0.029)이 높았고, 허위성(r=-0.31, p<0.001)이 낮았다. OSA군에서 EPQ의 네 가지 척도를 종속변인으로 설정한 다중회귀분석 결과, 허위성은 나이가 많고(B=0.14, p<0.001), AHI가 낮을수록(B=-0.05, p<0.001) 증가하였다. 정신병적 경향성은 피츠버그 수면질 설문(Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, PSQI)이 높을수록(B=0.14, p<0.001), 신경증적 경향성은 PSQI가 높고(B=0.34, p=0.001), 여성인 경우(B=3.15, p=0.003) 증가하였다. 외향성은 나이가 적고(B=-0.08, p=0.020), 체질량지수(body mass index)가 높을수록(B=0.26, p=0.023) 증가하였다. 결 론: 본 연구 결과는 OSA 환자들이 단순코골이 환자들에 비해 유의하게 정신병적 경향성이 낮음을 보여주었다. OSA군 내에서는 AHI가 높을수록, 허위성이 낮고 외향성이 높은 경향을 보였다.
Objective: Few studies have evaluated the personality characteristics of patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and simple snoring. We investigated the personality characteristics of OSA and simple snoring patients and compared differences in personality between the two groups using the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ). Materials and Methods: Two hundred and thirty-seven patients who were suspected to have OSA or simple snoring participated in this study. A self-questionnaire which included the EPQ was administered to all participants. All subjects underwent polysomnography in a sleep laboratory and those with an apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) ${\geq}5$ were included in the OSA group, while those with an AHI <5 were included in the simple snoring group. Results: OSA patients had significantly lower scores for Psychoticism (F=4.563, p=0.034) than simple snorers. There were no significant differences in Extraversion (F=3.029, p=0.083), Lie (F=0.398, p=0.529), or Neuroticism (F=3.367, p=0.068) scores between the two groups. In the correlation analysis of the OSA group, AHI was positively correlated with Extraversion score (r= 0.16, p=0.029) and negatively correlated with Lie score (B=-0.31, p<0.001). Using multiple stepwise linear regression analysis with the four EPQ parameter scores as dependent variables, Lie score was associated with older age (B=0.14, p<0.001) and lower AHI (B=-0.05, p<0.001), Psychoticism score was associated with higher Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI ; B=0.14, p<0.001), Neuroticism score was associated with higher PSQI (B=0.34, p=0.001) and female sex (B=3.15, p=0.003), and Extraversion score was associated with younger age (B=-0.08, p=0.020) and higher body mass index (B=0.26, p=0.023). Conclusion: This study suggests that patients with OSA are significantly less prone to psychotic personality characteristics than those with simple snoring. Among OSA patients, higher AHI was correlated with low falsehood and high extraversion tendencies.


두 마리의 개에서 결장 평활근종의 증례

정주현, 채웅주, 권도형, 최민철

[Kisti 연계] 한국임상수의학회 Journal of veterinary clinics Vol.31 No.5 2014 pp.430-434

협약을 통해 무료로 제공되는 자료로, 원문이용 방식은 연계기관의 정책을 따르고 있습니다.

두 마리의 개가 각각 다른 임상 증상, 저혈당증과 변비를 주증으로 내원하였다. 복부 방사선 검사에서 연조직 밀도의 크고 둥근 종괴가 하복부에서 관찰되었다. 변비를 주증으로 하는 개에서는 이 종괴로 인한 결장의 직경 감소가 관찰되었다. 복부 초음파 검사에서 이질적 에코의 크고 둥근 종괴가 한계 명료하게 관찰되며, 복강의 주요 장기와 관련이 없을 것으로 생각되었다. 탐색적 개복술에서 종괴는 결장의 장막층에서 유래한 것으로 확인되었고, 쉽게 제거되었다. 조직검사에서 평활근종으로 확인되었고, 두 마리 모두 재발 및 후유증 없이 임상 증상이 개선되었다. 결장 평활근종의 신생물딸림증후군으로 저혈당증이 발생한 증례와 결장 평활근종의 직접적인 압박으로 인한 변비가 발생한 증례를 보고한다.
Two dogs were referred with the clinical signs of depression and constipation, respectively. One dog with depression had hypoglycemia on biochemistry. On survey abdominal radiographs, a soft tissue density round mass with calcified spots was identified cranial to the urinary bladder. On ultrasonographs, a solitary oval heterogeneous complex-echoic mass with well-defined margin was found. On surgery, the mass was pedunculated and originated from the colonic wall. The resected mass was confirmed as colonic leiomyoma. The other dog with constipation had normal CBC and biochemistry values. On survey abdominal radiographs, there was a soft tissue density round mass dorsal to the descending colon and rectum. The descending colon was displaced ventrally and narrowed by the mass. On ultrasonographs, a well-defined round heteroechoic mass compressed the colon. The mass was also pedunculated and originated from the colonic wall on surgery and confirmed as colonic leiomyoma. Two dogs recovered without any clinical signs after surgery and showed permanent resolution of the clinical signs, respectively.


고양이에서 장 병변을 가진 고양이 전염성 복막염 감염 증례

오현정, 손정민, 정선영, 김보은, 지서연, 정주현, 김대용, 윤화영, 윤정희, 최민철

[Kisti 연계] 한국임상수의학회 Journal of veterinary clinics Vol.31 No.5 2014 pp.449-453

협약을 통해 무료로 제공되는 자료로, 원문이용 방식은 연계기관의 정책을 따르고 있습니다.

복강 내 종괴 촉진 및 구토, 식욕부진, 발열, 체중 감소, 수면시간 증가를 보이는 한 마리의 고양이가 서울대학교 부속 동물병원에 내원하였다. 신체검사, 혈액검사와 더불어 영상학적 검사가 진행되었다. 복부 초음파, CT 검사를 통해 소장분절과 연결된 종괴가 확인되었으며, 종괴에 대한 세포학적 검사 결과 소화기 림프종으로 잠정 진단되었으며 이에 따른 항암치료가 이뤄졌다. 항암치료가 진행되는 동안 증상은 호전되지 않았고, 결국 항암치료 중단 6일 후 폐사하였다. 부검이 이뤄졌으며 최종적으로 병변은 조직병리학적 검사를 통해 고양이 전염성 복막염으로 확진하였다.
A 2-year-old, intact male, Persian exotic cat, weighing 2 kg with a history of a palpated abdominal mass was admitted to Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, Seoul National University. On routine complete blood count (CBC) and serum biochemical analyses, there were anemia and 0.45 of albumin to globulin ratio. A feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) virus antibody test kit was negative. Radiography, ultrasonography and computed tomography (CT) were performed. A markedly enlarged abdominal mass was found. On cytologic examination of this mass, it was diagnosed as alimentary lymphoma or pyogranulomatous inflammation. Chemotherapeutic treatment for intestinal lymphoma was provided for several weeks, but the mass size was increased and clinical signs were not improved. The cat died six days after discontinuing chemotherapy. On postmortem examination, the definitive diagnosis was FIP. This case describes a cat with FIP in which an abdominal tumor had been suspected clinically.


동측성 반맹시 환자의 재활치료용 시분할 장치 개발에 관한 연구

서재명, 박근호, 허민영, 정주현

[Kisti 연계] 한국안광학회 Journal of Korean Ophthalmic Optics Society Vol.19 No.3 2014 pp.407-412

협약을 통해 무료로 제공되는 자료로, 원문이용 방식은 연계기관의 정책을 따르고 있습니다.

목적: 시분할 장치가 동측성 반맹시 환자의 재활치료용 프레넬 프리즘으로 인한 복시 현상을 최소화하고 안정적인 시야를 확보할 수 있는지 알아보고자 하였다. 방법: 소형 모터와 마분지를 사용하여 시분할 장치를 제작했다. 시분할 장치의 효율성을 검증하기 위해 시분할 장치 전후 걷는 방향과 문자에 대한 인식을 비교 분석했다. 결과: 공간의 이등분할 실험에서 시분할 장치 전 피검자의 방향각은 $+18.14^{\circ}$였으며 장치 후의 방향각은 $+8.91^{\circ}$로 나타났다. 시분할 장치 후 $4{\times}4$시표의 문자 인식 실험에서는 정답률이 9%P, $6{\times}6$시표에서는 15%P가 증가했다. 특히 정답률이 낮은 군에서 효과가 더 뛰어났다. 결론: 시분할 장치는 동측성 반맹시 환자의 방향성이나 운동성에도 좋은 결과를 보였다.
Purpose: It is investigated whether the time division system can extend the field without diplopia for people with homonymous hemianopia. Methods: The time division system was manufactured by a modified mini fan and a black cardboard. In order to verify the effectiveness of the equipment, subjects with and without the equipment took part in the experiment to bisect the space and to recognize letters. Results: Subjects with and without the equipment showed +8.91 and +18.14 degrees in the experiment to bisect the space. In the experiment reading the letters and numbers with the equipment, there were 9 percentage point increase in $4{\times}4$ charts and 15 percentage point increase in $6{\times}6$ charts. It turned out that there was a remarkable improvement for the worst group for reading the charts. Conclusions: The time division system is effective in the mobility and orientation for people with homonymous hemianopia.

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