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보부상의 문화사적 의미와 내포보부상촌의 스토리텔링 연구

임봉구, 박미수

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제17권 제4호 통권 57호 2013.12 pp.315-338

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The purpose of this study is to examine how to preserve the future-oriented value of Naepo Bobusang by suggesting storytelling application. The areas that Bobusang had been activated remained economically underdeveloped and lost their identification. Constructing Naepo folk village is one of the alternatives to revive the regions economically and to solve the problems. The village will be based on storytelling that can review the tradespeople community and its cultural meaning. For this study, literature review regarding traditional concept of Bobusang and its role was examined. Also, field survey was conducted to investigate cultural meanings of Bobusang, which are competition, winning, cooperation and regulation. Through interview with experts and local residents, many stories of Bobusang were elicited. As a result of the study, the plan to activate Bobusang storytelling was suggested in three stages; drawing story, remaking creative storytelling and applying storytelling. This study implies that Bobusang culture revives its traditional value by storytelling application and Naepo Folk Village can be a role as conservative theme space to activate local economy.


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