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기업의 축제스폰서십 참여 결정요인 및 축제주최자와 기업의 인식 차이 연구

심재길, 임동혁, 남문희, 정강환

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제22권 제5호 통권 84호 2018.09 pp.465-486

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This study aims to understand better how a company decides to participate in festival sponsorship and what the most important element is. Also with this regard, it intends to figure out perception gap between business corporate and festival host groups if any. The study set up a hypothesis that five factors including festival attraction, corporate strategy, brand exposure, influence of stakeholders, and benefits and marketing achievement have an effect on making a decision for participating in festival sponsorship. As a result of factor analysis, there is significant differences between festival hosts and companies. The implications of this study herein are as follows. Firstly, it is strongly suggested to develop a model of effectiveness measurement of festival sponsorship. Secondly, three different stakeholders such as festival programmers, corporates and sponsorship-specialized agencies should be able to fulfill each vibrant role and to be engaged in sponsorship promotion and long term relationship. Thirdly, festival host group including government officials or festival organizing committee is highly recommended to create marketing concept and strategies to utilize marketing activities accordingly, when a festival is planned or executed in the first place.



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[Kisti 연계] 대한설비공학회 설비저널 Vol.31 No.11 2002 pp.20-26

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