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관광학부 유니폼착용이 취업경쟁력에 미치는 영향 연구

이용철, 스즈키 준

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제19권 제2호 통권 64호 2015.05 pp.221-239

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The purpose of this research is to enhance the employment competiveness of the tourism majors by wearing uniforms as a part of education in a close relation with the changing trends in hiring and the job training of the industry. And the specific purposes of the research are: (1) to study the effect of uniform on the learning attitude of the students and (2) to study the effect on the students’ department Identity. Additionally, by defining how the uniform is effecting the future employment competitiveness, we would like to provide the basic information to help maximize the benefits of the stakeholders (students, university and the industry) by putting on the uniforms. The results of this research show, firstly, the satisfaction effect factors of wearing the uniforms are extracted as ‘personality’, ‘professionalism’, ‘attitude’ and ‘aesthetic impression’. This is in accordance with the preceding researches and partially supports the results of this research. Secondly, it has been analyzed that the uniforms have positive (+) influence on the learning attitude and their department Identity. It can be inferred that by wearing uniforms, changes in the personality and attitude enhances their will to achieve the academic goal to become professionals. Lastly, the uniforms were analyzed to have a positive (+) influence on the employment competitiveness. It can be inferred that the changes in personality and attitude caused by the uniforms are not only enhancing the will to achieve the academic goal, but to enhance their confidence on the industry they want to work in and further, positively influence the employment competitiveness.


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