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韓․中僧傳의 神異的敍事方式比較- 「高僧傳」과 「三國遺事」를 중심으로


동북아시아문화학회 동북아 문화연구 제24집 2010.09 pp.269-288

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As prosperity of Christianity in the western world lead to the biographies of numerous saints, or Biography of the Saint, who contributed to the development of Christianity, and such biographies influenced on the heroic narrative literature in the Early and Middle Ages, as Indian Buddhism proliferated to the eastern world, biographies of monks who contributed to the development of Buddhism, or Biography of Monks, deeply influenced the development of eastern ancient literature. Therefore it is worth to compare between “Gaosengzhuan” which is the oldest anthology of biographies of Chinese revered monks today and “Samgukyusa”, though the latter is not an anthology of biographies of monks in itself, but that includes many biography of monks. Although dates of writing and locations of appearance of two books are different, there are common elements in descriptive ways, especially among them, Shenyipian of “Gaosengzhuan” and chapter of Shin-ju and Eui-hae of “Samgukyusa” are similar. That is, authors all described biographies of monk in “supernatural description style”. Then what made them to choose that description style? It is because supernatural capabilities of several monks in the initial stage of introduction of Buddhism mainly influenced the introduction and the development of Buddhism. For the proliferation and the development of Buddhism, support of the lord was essentially needed, and thanks to supernatural and miraculous works of monks, they gained trust of the lord, and were able to expand political power and to consolidate position of Buddhism. Especially, there are many supernatural stories of monks who demonstrated supernatural power of themselves in front of high ranking nobles such as emperors or ministers who could influence politics. It seems that they were trying to emphasize political and ideological status of Buddhism in Buddhist monastery. In addition, because there were little literatures on monks in biographies of formal history, they had to use miraculous stories or religious stories as materials in the process of collection of materials, rather than formal history.



중ㆍ일 관광객의 의료관광동기가 관광객의 소비행동 및 만족에 미치는 영향

윤세목, 김귀자, 변귀남

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제17권 제2호 통권 55호 2013.06 pp.187-207

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This research analyzes demographic characteristics of medical tourists' from China and Japan and the differences of medical tourism motivations and consumption behavior between the Chinese and the Japanese, and then explores the effect of medical tourism motivations on medical tourism consumption behavior. The data analysis of the 212 final valid cases questionnaire survey among Chinese and Japanese visitors in April. 2012 for the purpose of health care, vacation and rest in order to establish an actual proof led to this following conclusion. First, the motivation of health recovery leads the list of medical tourism motivations, medial expenses and service comes second on the list, and medical tourism experiences comes next. Second, in relation between medical tourism motivations and consumption behavior, medical tourism motivations have a significant effect on emotional immersion and time input, and in relation to financial input much is spent on medical expenses, service and health recovery, in relation to purchase intention health recovery motivations have much influence.


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