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우리나라 화재조사의 발전방향(II)


한국법과학회 한국법과학회지 제3권 제4호 2002.12 p.263

※ 원문제공기관과의 협약에 따라 개인회원에게 무료로 제공됩니다.


치기공과 교육과정 제고를 위한 치과기공사의 직업기초능력 중요도 분석

정효경, 박남규

대한치과기공학회 대한치과기공학회지 Vol.41 No.1 2019.03 pp.31-41

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Purpose: This provides basic data for improving educational effectiveness by selecting and applying basic vocational competency applicable to dental technology’s sub-major curricula by determining and researching dental technicians' awareness levels concerning the basic vocational competency’s importance. Methods: 170 dental technicians working in Daegu, Korea were surveyed using a self-administered questionnaire between 9 January 2018 and 23 February 2018. Results: 1. The highest level of the basic vocational competency elements by the awareness levels of importance in dental technology laboratories was shown in the occupational ethics, followed by technological skills, interpersonal skills, self-development levels, problem-solving skills, information skills, resource management skills and skills for understanding groups, communication skills, and mathematical skills. 2. Female dental technicians put relatively higher importance on writing documents and managing time, while males stressing on basic statistics. 3. Dental laboratory CEOs and managers put high values on resource management skills, while head technicians valuing information skills more. 4. The awareness levels concerning the basic vocational competency importance in some dental technology fields did not match those of the dental technology laboratories in the fields of porcelain, crown and bridge, and orthodontics. Conclusion : This study demonstrates that the awareness levels concerning basic vocational competency's importance in some fields of dental technology differ from those of dental technology laboratories. Developing a basic vocational competency curriculum, it seems necessary to find ways to increase educational effectiveness by selecting and applying the basic vocational competency for the respective fields of dental technology.



합지벽지의 표면특성에 따른 비산혈액방울의 충돌각도 최적공식 도출

김경미, 한효선, 임동아, 장예림, 이상윤, 주은아, 서영일, 김진표, 고재모, 박남규

한국법과학회 한국법과학회지 제19권 제1호 2018.06 pp.15-20

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In the case of spattered blood in bloodstain pattern analysis, the impact angle can be calculated by looking at the shape and size of it. The impact angle is a constant angle that occurs when the blood droplet touches the target surface, and the formula sin = W / L is used to calculate the impact angle. This formula is now used in the analysis of bloodstain patterns, and the results show that the error rate is about 18 % depending on the conditions. Nevertheless, since there is no formula to reduce the error rate, a new modification formula is being studied. In this study, the optimum impact angle calculation formula is derived from the wall surface where many scattered blood is found in crime scene in Korea and the error rate of the other impact angle calculation formula is compared. Currently, the use of wallpaper in Korea has a tendency to increase rapidly in silk wallpaper. However, the most cheap and easy-to-install wallpaper, which is still used the largest percentage, has been used as the target surface. Experimental results on the optimal angle of impact angle along the surface revealed that the optimal formulas were different for each surface and the -12 to 0 % error rate was observed when the optimal formula for one surface was applied to the other surface. Therefore, the optimal angle of impact angle should be applied differently depending on the surface, and accordingly, a database of optimal formulas for each surface is required. In the case of the laminated wallpaper, when the experimental condition for obtaining the optimized formula is not available, the improvement formula W / L = 0.9145 sin (0.02619? + 0.6478) + 0.5629 sin (0.04441? + 3.9020) will contribute to solve the case by deducing the correct impact angle value from the existing formula.



낙하 높이에 따른 비산혈흔의 충돌각도 개선공식에 관한 연구

박강민, 김경미, 노지연, 김연서, 이상윤, 임동아, 주은아, 서영일, 김진표, 고재모, 박남규

한국법과학회 한국법과학회지 제19권 제1호 2018.06 pp.21-25

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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis is a technique used to reconstruct crime scenes. There are various patterns of blood strewn around the crime scenes, and bloody parts without protrusions can be used to estimate a Area of Origin by calculating the impact angle by mathematical formula. However, the formula currently used is a linear method that produces errors by various variables. Therefore, it differs from the actual impact angle. To overcome this, a formula for difference in surface has been studied in previous studies. However, this formula also can differed with the results depending on its height, so the study drew a more calibrated formula taking into consideration the differences in height among various variables. Experiments were carried out at intervals of 10° from 20° to 70° at intervals of 20cm from 20cm to 100cm in height, but 20cm and 40cm were excluded because they showed no tendency. As a result It has been concluded that the formula for the height is different for each height, so we have to decide what is the most optimal formula and what to experiment further. The most optimal formula was concluded provisionally is W/L=0.9048 sin(0.02683?-0.1974)+0.1172 sin(0.06951?+1.728) this equation is based on experimental data and It was chosen because the error rate was the lowest among the derived formulas. Based on this study, experiments required later will be different collision angles depending on the speed.



가해자의 신체특성에 따른 충격력 변화에 관한 연구

이상윤, 김기환, 이은비, 임효수, 임동아, 임소혜, 주은아, 서영일, 김진표, 박남규

한국법과학회 한국법과학회지 제18권 제1호 2017.06 pp.19-26

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In many violent crime cases, a perpetrator assaults a victim with physical impact force (violence) using a part of the body or a hitting tool. Hence, violent crime cases are con·elated with impact force. Using various methods of impact force measurement, many studies have been conducted to develop impact force measurement sensors or devices. However, no study has been conducted on the correlation between physical behavior and impact force depending on the body characteristics in situations in which the impact force is applied using a part of the body or a hitting tool in the same posture; nor have studies considered the difference and range of the correlation. The present study was conducted to investigate the correlation between body characteristics (body weight and skeletal muscle content) and impact force by measuring the body characteristics of the subjects, applying impact force to an impact force measurement system using a part of the body or a hitting tool at the same height and in the same posture, and analyzing the resulting data. The results showed that linear regression plots of the acquired data depending on the subjects body weight were generally constant, but had some outlier values. The linear regression plots of the acquired data depending on the skeletal muscle content were very constant, indicating that the skeletal muscle content is a more important factor in the correlation with the impact force than is the body weight. In addition, the results also showed that gender is not significantly correlated with impact force.



중력 효과를 포함한 충격비산혈흔의 발혈부위 계산 알고리즘에 과한 연구

이상윤, 서영일, 김동환, 김진표, 박남규

한국법과학회 한국법과학회지 제18권 제1호 2017.06 pp.53-59

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The only cutTently available method of estimating blood origins of impact spatter bloodstain is a straight-line trajectory method based on the assumption that blood droplets travel in straight-line trajectories. However, since blood droplets actually follow a parabolic trajectory due to the effect of gravity and air resistance, there i s an urgent need for a method of estimating blood origins considering the parabolic trajectory in the analysis of impact spatter blood stain in bloodshed criminal incidents. In the present study, the equations of motion of blood droplets were analyzed to derive an estimation algorithm including a parabolic trajectory analysis, and a blood origin estimation program based on the algorithm was developed and validated. The results showed that the error rate of the software program developed in the present study, NFS Spatter Trajectory (NST), was lower than that of the conventional method by a maximum of 65 %. The NST software program developed in the present study may enable more accurate estimation of blood origins in the analysis of bloodstain patterns found in a crime scene, and replace expensive, imported software programs, giving an economic benefit to scientific investigations performed in South Korea.



잠재지문 현출을 위한 1,2- IND 시약의 최적 광학조건에 관한 연구

송예은, 이은비, 이상윤, 서영일, 김진표, 박남규

한국법과학회 한국법과학회지 제18권 제1호 2017.06 pp.60-66

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1,2-IND, widely used as an amino acid reagent in detecting fingerprints on porous surfaces, shows outstanding performance among reagents developed after ninhydrin. This study examined the optimal optical conditions of 1,2-IND, a representative reagent that uses photoluminescence to detect latent fingerprLnts at crime scenes. The experiments found that the optimal conditions were a stimulus light of 505 nm and a 550 nm long pass fi lter. This was followed by a stimulus light of 505 nm and a 565 nm band pass filter, and a stimulus light of 530 nm and a 590 nm long pass fi lter. Investigation agencies are expected to benefit from using latent fingerprint detection with the optimal optical conditions of 1,2-IND provided in this study, in combination with camera shutter speed and aperture values.



윤곽혈흔의 생성시기 판단에 관한 연구

김기환, 전형준, 김동은, 김연서, 임소혜, 임효수, 송예은, 이은비, 이상윤, 서영일, 김진표, 박남규

한국법과학회 한국법과학회지 제18권 제1호 2017.06 pp.48-52

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Blood marking starts from the outer border and dries to the center of blood. At this time, skeletoni zation s tain is formed when external force is applied. The experiment was carried out at a temperature of 20 ·c and a humidity of 55 %, and a skeletonization stain was formed with a blood volume of 24 11m and a height of 76 em and a force of about 12 N. The mean diameters were 12.12 mm, and the thicknesses were 3.80 mm. The drying in 10 minutes showed significant differences. When the ratio of the thickness and the diameter of the outline blood formed between I 0 minutes and 80 minutes is represented by the time equation, the error rate was from 0.5 % to 4.25 %. Therefore, when a person drops from the tip of a f inger or a knife in a standing position to produce a contour (about 76 em in height), the result of this experiment can be used to calculate the falling blood before the contour. It is expected that it will be able to judge the generation time.



비산혈흔의 충돌각도 공식 최적화에 관한 연구

임소혜, 이은비, 김기환, 임효수, 송예은, 이상윤, 서영일, 김진표, 박남규

한국법과학회 한국법과학회지 제18권 제1호 2017.06 pp.67-70

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Various types of bloodstain are found at criminal scenes in which bloodshed is involved. The impact angle from the ejection point of a falling bloodstain to the final surface may be estimated using the length of the long axis and the short axis of the bloodstain. The blood origin of an impact spatter bloodstain may be estimated by calculating the impact angle. The equation for calcul ating the impact angle may help to reconstruct a criminal scene. The conventional equation for calculating the impact angle is sina· = W/L, which is based on a general trigonometric function. Some studies have shown that the impact angle calculated using the conventional equation is different from the actual impact angle, but almost no study has been conducted to coiTect the equation. In the present study, an improved equation for calculating the impact angle was derived on the basis of impact angle experiments, and the error rates of the conventional equation and the improved equation were calcul ated. The improved equation is as follows W/L = 1.590 sin(0.009517a- 0.02887) A comparison of the impact angle calculated using the conventional equation and the improved equation with the actually measured impact angle showed that the error rate of the improved equation was significantly lower. Therefore, in a situation in which an impact angle of a bloodstain needs to be calculated for a criminal scene involving bloodshed, the improved equation provided in the present study may help to estimate the impact angle more accurately.



지문 생성 후 접촉혈흔에 의한 혈흔지문의 생성에 관한 연구

이상윤, 김동환, 김진표, 박남규, 서영일

한국법과학회 한국법과학회지 제17권 제1호 2016.03 pp.24-31

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

It is significant to have an analytical result that can identify someone irrelevant or a relevant suspect to an incident exactly from the bloody fingerprints when the bloody fingerprints found in a murder scene are classified into the state of bloody fingerprints as they are overlapped with normal fingerprints classified prior to the incident due to the accidental contact with the blood of the attacker and the victim of the crime. This study, accordingly, examined experimentally if normal fingerprints can be insufflated as bloody fingerprints by something like blood-stained gloves after they are classified to be normal fingerprints in order to be used for a solution of an actual case, and if they are insufflated, if the ridge and furrow on the bloody fingerprints are as same as those of the original fingerprints including a change in the bloody fingerprints over time that hasn°Øt been carried out yet as well as the type of gloves and the characteristics of the surface condition of the object from which the fingerprints are found.



판례분석을 통한 혈흔형태의 증거능력과 증명력에 대한 고찰

박남규, 서영일, 고재모

한국법과학회 한국법과학회지 제15권 제1호 2014.12 pp.1-6

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

The basics of scientific verification is the reproducibility that is possible to verify the same phenomena by the third party using the given method. It is difficult to give the decisive meaning to determine guilty or not guilty when the effort to make the significant meaning from the small basis with the shortage of available evidences does not reach the basic requirements of scientific verification. In this paper, we considered the deficient part of scientific verification process that could not play crucial role in spite of many efforts and the positive considerations of justice department. We considered the admissibility of evidence and probative power of bloodstain pattern analysis in the homicide case of an old woman who died from the head injuries. The bloodstain of 4㎜ in diameter found in the inner side of a suspect’s left running shoe was inferred to an impact spatter and inferred that the bloodstain was created when a blood source in the victim’s head was broken up at a source by the suspect’s strike according to the bill of indictment and the report of bloodstain pattern analysis submitted to the court. The justice department, however, ruled the defendant not guilty because of the reason that it is difficult that the report of bloodstain pattern analysis proves the suspect guilty to the extent that ‘the judiciary exclude the reasonable doubt’. There are specific morphological proof, objective proof about the deposition time of bloodstains and the environment of deposition of the impact spatter in the condition of the analysis to the extent that the reasonable doubt was excluded in the bloodstain pattern analysis. But it seemed to have many difficulties in deciding as one. One of the objectivity guarantee or the basic notion of science is the problem that the third party can prove or approve specific facts by the same method or the same point of view. The morphological analysis such as bloodstain pattern analysis requires the proof of appropriateness about all variables generalizing the analysis that fits the objective facts, not the expert’s assertion. We wish the use of evidences of bloodstain pattern analysis takes a step forward with the considerations of this paper in the court that deals with similar cases.



산소역류에 의한 화재사례 연구

서영일, 조영진, 김동환, 김진표, 문병선, 박남규

한국법과학회 한국법과학회지 제15권 제1호 2014.12 pp.72-75

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An accident happened which a laborer burned himself in the toilet in the office building of the factory using CNC(Computer Numerical Control) gas cutting machine because of an unknown fire and he was dead a few days later. Immediately after the fire, colleagues asked him all the details and the deceased stated that when he sat on a cistern type flushing toilet and lighted a cigarette with a lighter, the fire happened with a sound like "pung". In the result of the initial investigation of the police the fire causes were not found and the police requested the National Institute of Scientific Investigation to make a close investigation of the fire. In the results of the field investigation and the reappearance experiments, we concluded the fire cause the following statements. One day before the accident by the unlocking of the backflow-preventing valve in the process of blow of cooling water by inserting high pressure oxygen gas in the cooling water pipe to prevent a winter- breaking of the cooling water pipe used in CNC gas cutting machine along the water supply pipe, oxygen outflowed through the cistern in the flushing toilet about 50m apart from the gas cutting machine and stayed in the toilet. The next day morning at the moment that the deceased goes in the toilet and lights a cigarette with a lighter, rapid flame was generated with an explosive sound like a gas explosion because of the high dense oxygen.



주물공장 중자건조기의 폭발원인 분석

서영일, 권미아, 김동환, 김진표, 문병선, 박남규

한국법과학회 한국법과학회지 제15권 제1호 2014.12 pp.76-79

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There was an explosion at a core-drying oven in a foundry and a worker was dead. A core is used to cast something which needs empty space in it. A core-drying oven is an apparatus to dry a core which is spreaded by mould wash. Through scene investigation and examination for finding components, we find that the cause of the explosion is that 2-ethylhexanol, which is one component of mould wash, reach the specific condition. To prevent similar accidents, we urge that the risk criteria for mould wash should be provided as soon as possible.



빅데이터 분석 방법을 적용한 스마트 TV의 발전 방안에 관한 제언

박남규, 김선배

한국디지털정책학회 디지털융복합연구 제12권 제1호 2014.01 pp.347-358

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

스마트 TV는 지상파방송 시청은 물론 인터넷에 연결되어 VOD, 게임, 영상통화, 애플리케이션 활용 등 컴퓨터 활용이 가능한 TV이다. 스마트 TV 사업을 수행하기 위해서는 콘텐츠, 플랫폼, 네트워크, 단말기 등이 모두 포함되어야 한다. 만약 이중 한 가지라도 갖추어 지지 않으면 다른 사업자와 협력해야 한다. 따라서 스마트 TV 사업에 있어서 각각사업 주체들 간의 협력이 반드시 필요하다. 본 논문에서는 국내외 스마트 TV 시장, 정책, 활성화 전략 등에 대하여 살펴본다. 그리고 스마트 TV 활성화 방안인 1)클라우드 기반의 하드웨어 인프라 구축, 2)트래픽 증가를 수용하는 네트워크 고도화, 3)각 사업자들 간의 기술개발 공조, 4)다양한 스마트 TV 콘텐츠 제공, 5)N-스크린을 위한 UX/UI의 활용 등에 있어서 이해 당사자들의 공조, 증가할 네트웍크의 트래픽 추정, 소비자에게 실시간 스마트한 콘텐츠의 맞춤식 제공 등을 위하여 빅데이터 분석 방법론의 적용을 제안한다.
A smart TV is able to show terrestrial broadcasting and also can be used as a computer -VOD, games, image communications, application utilities and so on. In order to carry out Smart TV business, it has to contains contents, platforms, network terminal unit. If ill-equipped with any of these aboves, it must cooperate with other licensee. Therefore, Smart TV business is necessary to cooperate with each business agent. In this paper, we will look into domestic/foreign country Smart TV market, policy, vitalization strategy, and suggest the application of big data analysis methodology for Smart TV vitalization method - 1) hardware infrastructure building based on cloud computing 2) Network upgradability acceptable traffic increase 3) Technical development cooperation between each licensee 4) Variable Smart TV contents supply 5) Cooperation with party interested individuals in using UX/UI for N-Screen, network traffic estimation may increase, customized supply smart contents for consumer in real time.



혈액방울의 포물선 궤도 효과에 따른 발혈부위 추정의 오차에 관한 연구

서영일, 박우식, 문병선, 김의수, 고재모, 김영규, 류경진, 김종찬, 정혜영, 김아람, 성경환, 박남규

한국법과학회 한국법과학회지 제14권 제2호 2013.12 pp.42-45

※ 기관로그인 시 무료 이용이 가능합니다.

Bloodstain pattern analysis is a forensic discipline that reconstruct events of a crime scene by analyzing sizes, shapes, distributions and positions of bloodstains. The objective of this research is to evaluate the errors in area of origin evaluations in the effect of parabolic orbit of blood droplets. We generated an impact spatter on the wall using a hammer and measured bloodstains with respect to distance. Then we calculate the area of the origin using Hemospat software. As results, for X-coordinate the rate of error was below 4 %. Estimated X-coordinates show random distribution compared with real x-coordinate. For Ycoordinate the rate of error was below 3 %. Estimated Y-coordinates show random distribution compared with real y-coordinate. For Z-coordinate, as the distance between the origin and the stain goes longer, the zcoordinate of the estimated origin goes higher because of the effect of parabolic motion of the blood droplet. Assuming trajectory was a straight line in the Hemospat software, but the real trajectory was parabolic. Thus the z-coordinate of the estimated area of origin was higher than the real coordinate. As the effect of parabolic motion was stronger, the estimated z-coordinate of the area of origin was higher than that of the real area of origin. We have a plan to develop the algorithm of finding the area of origin including the parabolic motion of blood droplets.


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