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의료관광마케팅 연구

류인평, 국중을

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제12권 제3호 통권 36호 2008.09 pp.1-20

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With the modern advances in bio and healthcare technology, many developed countries, including Korea, experienced a sharp fall in the birth and death rates causing an aging society. Also, acceleration in IT and the economy helped most families increase their income. This suggests that medical tourism could be developed to become one of the most competitive industries in Korea in the future. The purpose of this study is how to find the best marketing strategy for medical tourism in Korea and hold a dominant position in the global medical tourism market. The results of this study presents how much interest and effort we need in order to develop, promote domestic medical tourism and argue that further efforts are necessary to solve the related problems in human resource, infrastructure for materials and environmental infrastructure. This study intends to use the marketing mix strategy as a strategy such as the product, price, place and promotion and also suggests that political support from the government and support from the travel industry, educational institutions and etc. which are closely related to the medical tourism would be valuable to the promotion of the medical tourism and bode well for domestic medical tourism in the future.


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