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항공사 문화마케팅이 기업이미지와 관계지속의도에 미치는 영향

곽철우, 허성란

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제17권 제1호 통권 54호 2013.03 pp.1-23

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Recently, becoming the competition among airlines are keen, airlines are using culture marketing, as the new marketing means. Hereby this research focused to contribute setting of marketing strategy of airlines by proven research of cultural marketing to the corporate image and relationship-persistence intentions. Based on the result of empirical analysis, the following implication and significance were concluded. First, before conducting culture marketing, airlines should clarify market analysis and establish appropriate culture marketing strategy. Second, by touching consumers’ emotion, strengthening the communication with the current consumers, airlines should expand the culture marketing actively, as the means of creating new consumers. Third, there is a need to modify and complement the strategy, reviewing culture marketing, which are being processed. Fourth, culture marketing should be processed with a long-term point of view. Fifth, for customers to recognize the corporations’ culture marketing activities, airlines should promote actively through homepage, blog, SNS. Finally, airlines should strength the communication with costumers, not corporations’ one-sided promotion. In hereafter research, it’s necessary to extend the scope of study to, not only national flag carriers, also other corporations. In addition, it’s necessary to have comparative study, expanding to other tour business corporations. Understanding consumers’ recognition about the airlines’ culture marketing, it is also necessary to conduct the research about the difference according as it’s recognized or not.


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