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中国风电发展现状及在生态旅游业中的发展潜力 - 以吉林省地区为例 -

曹光兰, 朴东范, 金辉, 朱卫红

관광경영학회 관광경영연구 제17권 제1호 통권 54호 2013.03 pp.327-342

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With the development of our economy, energy and environmental issues have become major international issues of common concern. Developing new energy and renewable energy is an important measure to ensure national energy security and achieve sustainable development.As tourism industry has been booming the impact of energy consumption and envrionmental destructon have become prominently, so to achieve the sustainable development of tourism has become a problem that can not be ignored. Wind energy, as a non-polluting,no-emission, renewable and clean energy resource,not only does not consume fossil fuels and produce carbon emissions in the power production process,but also can make sustainable use of the massive amount of natural wind energy resource.Under the background of low-carbon economy and low-carbon concept, this paper reviews the research progress in the development of wind energy resources and wind power industry at home and abroad.. And analyzing the development of the Jinlin province’s wind energy industry and the potention, to promote renewable energy technologies in Baicheng(白城)eco-tourism economy Tourism circle part of the application of measures. This paper was aimed at achieveing cleaner production and eco-consumption in production and consumption of tourism industry, as well as it aimed at coordingating the environmental carrying capacity and economic development.


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