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Study on Effects of Female Casino Employees’ Glass Ceiling Perception on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Performance

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This study first looks into how glass ceiling would influence job satisfaction and organizational performance and aims to offer measures to help companies or organizations resolve their problems related to inequality. In terms of glass ceiling, it is defined as an expression indicating this invisible hurdle that women would actually face with when they try to get promoted to the board of senior directors. In order to achieve the research goal, this study selected a total of 200 female casino employees who were working in positions higher than a middle management as research subjects. With these 17 who had failed to satisfy qualifications excluded, the study conducted a survey targeting only 183 employees, and the samples were used for the analysis. As for the factor analysis and the reliability analysis on the collected samples, the study worked with Cronbach's α, an output coefficient of internal consistency. Results of the empirical research reported that glass ceiling has a significant effect on job satisfaction, and job satisfaction significantly works for these sub-factors of organizational performance which are organizational commitment and turnover intention. In addition, glass ceiling has a significant influence on organizational performance. The study argued that how the companies or the organizations try to understand the effects on glass ceiling perception will contribute to their improvement of systems and personnel management. The study also mentioned that the companies and organizations need to relive such phenomenon. Last but not least, it was confirmed that when it comes to the relation of glass ceiling perception with organizational performance, job satisfaction can work as a mediating variable. After all, this study proved how glass ceiling is happening in every category of any departments, and it suggested that since glass ceiling is causing discriminations in promotion and employee welfare and services, the companies and the organizations should come up with measures to make changes which would eventually increase organizational commitment.


 Ⅰ. 서론
 Ⅱ. 이론적 배경
  1. 유리천장
  2. 직무만족
  3. 조직성과
 Ⅲ. 연구방법
  1. 연구모형 및 가설
  2. 변수 정의 및 자료수집
 Ⅳ. 실증분석
  1. 표본의 특성
  2. 측정항목 신뢰성 및 타당성 검정 결과
  3. 가설의 검증
 Ⅴ. 결론


  • 김은혜 [ EunHae Kim | 경기대학교 관광학 박사 ]
  • 박인영 [ InYoung Park | 경기대학교 대학원 석사학위과정 ] 교신저자


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